Lawyer Letter Proves Cohen Paid-Off “Stormy Daniels” – Never Paid by Trump

The New York District Attorney’s effort to Indict former President Donald Trump over the alleged “Hush money” given to “Stormy Daniels” just hit a brick wall.  

A letter from the Attorney Representing Lawyer Michael Cohen, proves that Cohen paid-off Daniels himself, and was never reimbursed by Trump, his company, or his campaign.  

This, it seems the entire premise of the New York District Attorney’s alleged case (that Trump interfered with an Election by making that payoff) is proved false on its face!

Here’s the letter from Attorney Michael Cohen’s lawyer:

Are we all to believe that the New York District Attorney somehow didn’t know this?   Are we to believe he acted in good faith, trying to Indict Trump?

It seems clear on its face why the New York District Attorney: It looks like pure politics.


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