Moving: NCAA Wrestling Champ Shares Gospel on National TV ‘It’s All for His Glory’

Aaron Brooks

On Sunday,  Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks won his third straight 184 pound national title.

Speaking with ESPN after his victory, Brooks was clear that everything in his life comes from Jesus Christ.

While ESPN reporter tried to shift the interview away from Brooks’ declarations of faith, Brooks continued to share his message.

3x National Champion Aaron Brooks attributes his success to his faith.

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— NCAA Wrestling (@NCAAWrestling) March 19, 2023

ESPN Reporter:
You share a strong faith…how does that help you on a night like tonight?

It’s everything. Christ’s resurrection is everything. Not just His life, but His death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him, the Holy Spirit, only through Him. No false prophets, no Muhammad, no anyone else. Only Jesus Christ Himself.

ESPN Reporter:
Power and finesse, your calling card…

The Holy Spirit. Acts Chapter 1 Verse 8…Holy Spirit…..power. That’s everything. That’s where it’s from.

ESPN Reporter:
Where did the finesse come from?

Holy Spirit as well

ESPN Reporter:
Mom and dad, maybe?

Little bit of both. But all God.

ESPN Reporter:
Put in perspective winning three of these in a row, in dominating fashion by the way.

I’m blessed. God used me. He gives me this platform for this, right here… When I’m suffering [while] cutting weight, away from my family, it’s all for Him, so it’s all for His glory.

Brooks continued to share his faith during a post-match presser.


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