BREAKING: Antifa smash windows, clash with police at UC Davis Charlie Kirk event

Antifa members were caught smashing windows and doors and vandalizing the campus.

Riot police took down Antifa surrounding a UC Davis Charlie Kirk event sponsored by TPUSA on Tuesday evening. Antifa members were spotted smashing windows and doors on campus and vandalizing the campus. The militants also blocked students and members of the public from entering the university to attend the event.


TPM and TPUSA’s Savanah Hernandez was on the scene and captured the chaotic footage.

She also saw the windows breaking from inside the building.

Antifa had previously tried to block attendees from entering the event.

“Violent leftwing agitators just smashed through windows outside of the event venue here at UC Davis. Reports are that some of this group made their way into the building before police successfully removed them. Pray for peace and safety for all involved” Kirk tweeted.

Kirk had previously tweeted an image of barricades that were erected in anticipation of unrest. 

TPUSA’s Rebecca Brannon tweeted: “Antifa and far leftists pepper spray and hit UC Davis student with umbrellas. They’re currently blocking student pathways protesting a @TPUSA Charlie Kirk event on campus tonight.”


Kalen D’Almeida witnessed vandalism and an arrest. Vandals demanded to know who D’Almeida worked for, and which press outlet he was with. He told them he was with Turning Point and got a chilly reception.


Hernandez also caught a masked twerker who protested by grabbing her butt and shaking it.

Earlier in the day, the far-left newspaper the Sacremento Bee smeared Kirk as a “fascist” and was forced to retract defamatory claims. 

“SacBee has pulled down the original column and removed references to “Fascist” and “Lynching” and included a notation of changes. Despite this, SacBee reporter @SacBeeNightCops is still parroting this lie. If anyone gets hurt tonight Sacbee played a prominent role” Kirk tweeted in response.


Later, the reporter for the SacBee deleted the tweet.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.


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