*****FLASH***** Nuclear Attack Message on Russian TV; Citizens told “Go to the shelters”

A nuclear attack message has been broadcast on Russian television stations “Nuclear strike has been conducted, please go to the shelter, take your calcium iodide pills”   The red alert in several regions of Russia broadcasted via TV and radio.   Video below:

 Video as seen on Russian TV stations just minutes ago (9:52 AM eastern US time)


RUMORS . . . . this is a computer hack.

No word from inside Russia . . .  at all.

No word if anyone is actually moving to shelters – or not.

My wife got her lazy, good for nothing, fat ass out of bed as this was happening.  I told her.  She shrugged it off.   Actually told ME “I’m not awake yet, I have to wake up.”

I told her “I wanted us to be in Pennsylvania this week.  We should go now”  She waved me off like as if to say “It’s all such a bother.”

I’ve come to realize I hate this woman.  After 31 years, I feel nothing in my heart but disgust when I even look at her.  Totally, completely useless.  I don’t even know why I’ve stayed.   Oh.  Wait.  I do know . . . . so I can pay for it all.

Now, I’m supposed to what. . .  wait until she wakes up?  

Maybe wait so she can get dressed or something . . . .

If this __is__ a computer hacking and a fake, I’ve just gotten a real eye-opener about how the real thing would go down in __my__ house.    I’d be vaporized waiting for my good for nothing wife because . . . . It’s all such a bother.

I hate my life.  I hate what it’s become.  I’ve got to get out of this.

2:24 PM EST–

I have arrived at my house in Pennsylvania.  Alone.

She told me “You have to leave me the car.”  I replied “I’m taking my car towed behind the pick up truck.”  She responded “I have to have a car.”   I asked “For what, you never go anywhere?”   She said “You’re not taking the car.”

I wasn’t going to bother pointing out that it’s mine.  I don’t want to bother fighting anymore.  I left her the car.  Fuck it.  I just have to be away from this toxic person.   

When I got  off the Interstate for the exit to my house, first thing I did was hit the bank and grab some cash; the small maximum I can withdraw daily from an ATM. If things go boom, nothing is going to work; no credit cards, no debit cards.  Cash would be king, so I got some.

Next stop, fuel-up the truck. It took 14.5 gallons.  If it all goes to hell, I’ll at least have fuel.   Added DEF fluid too, which is the pollution control fluid that diesel vehicles must use in the USA along with fuel.   Now, at least I’m set with that.

I still have to unpack some stuff from the truck, crank the heat up in the house . . .  it’s down at 60, so got to warm it up.

Will bring in firewood to have inside.  Supposed to get significant snow here tonight into tomorrow.  Then, off to the supermarket for last minute stuff.

I did a lot of thinking during the three hour drive.   Marriage is not a suicide pact.  My wife already made clear – quite recently – she has no desire to survive a nuclear war because it would just be so awful.   So in my mind, she’s already given up.  I have not.

She may be willing to sit there and die.  I am not.

Maybe this is nothing — I hope so. But I am not going to discount everything I have seen and heard, and just chalk this up to some computer hacker.  Things are wound too tightly now.  The possibility of an actual Russian nuclear strike upon us is very real, very near, and very JUSTIFIED.

I will not sit idly-by and wait to be vaporized.  She can.  I won’t.

I told her I do not plan on coming back.  I told her I know she may need money help from time to time, and I will do what I can on that.  But as far as I’m concerned, this marriage is done.

It’s ***NOT*** just what happened today.  It’s years and years and years of a lot more.   There is no salvaging this marriage and worst of all – I don’t even want to bother trying.  THAT . . . . is how far gone it is.


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