Dr. Yi Meng Yan on Tucker Carlson Confirms What Gateway Pundit Previously Reported – COVID Was Released Intentionally by the CCP

Tucker Carlson followed up on TGP reporting on Monday evening in an interview with Dr. Yi Meng Yan who claims that COVID was dropped intentionally by the CCP. 

TGP has reported for some time that COVID was created in a lab.  It didn’t originate in a wet market in Wuhan, China.

Last year Dr. Wan shared in an interview with TGP’s Joe Hoft that the CCP dropped COVID intentionally.

This supported what we have said for some time, that COVID was intentional, and a potential reason that COVID was dropped by the CCP was that President Trump had done a number on their economy.

This too was shared by TGP and reiterated in our post on Sunday.

On Monday morning TGP’s Joe Hoft was on with Ed Henry and Karyn Turk at American Sunrise and he shared these economic reasons why China may have dropped COVID intentionally.  This is something that the corrupt American media will not state.

On Monday evening, Tucker Carlson had Dr. Yan on to confirm her remarks with us a year ago, that COVID was dropped intentionally by the CCP.


Eyewitness Whistleblower: COVID Was Intentionally Released Worldwide By The CCP To Kill Millions pic.twitter.com/tfyBdSVOsW

— Red Voice Media (@redvoicenews) February 28, 2023



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