Airlines Begin SUSPENDING Flights To/From Moldova – March 14

Starting March 14, Wizz Air suspends all flights to Moldova.

Something is coming to Moldova.  Corporations seem to be getting the “Heads-Up.”

I would bet a second front in the Ukraine conflict.

It was just last Friday that I reported Ukraine was massing 15,000-20,000 troops at its border with Transnistria/Moldova.  Transnistria is a Russian enclave in Moldova that seceded way back in the year 1990.  They have lived in peace there for thirty+ years.

HOWEVER, there is a very large Soviet-Era weapons depot in Transnistria with about twnety-thousand TONS of weapons and ammunition.   If Ukraine could get their hands on that, it would supply Ukraine for a whole year against Russia.

It now appears this is the plan because Corporations are now apparently getting the “heads-up” to get out of Moldova.

Watch if other airlines follow suit.


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