Walmart in Pennsylvania -Lipstick Aisle — for MEN

I was shopping in a Walmart in northeast Pennsylvania last week, and had to walk past the lipstick aisle to get elsewhere in the store.  As I’m walking, I notice an Ad for the lipstick . . . photos of lips . . . when I noticed the photo on the bottom right: a Man!

Men don’t wear lipstick; or at least NORMAL men don’t.  

This is how our society is being perverted with degenerate crap; subtle degeneracy.   We’re bombarded by it at every level of life.

From ads like this in Walmart, to TV commercials showing interracial couples, and even men kissing each other on TV.  The whole thing is disgusting to me.

Is it any wonder our society has become so screwed up?

Retailers like Walmart and advertisers ought to be ashamed for pushing this crap into society.



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