Russia Engages GPS-JAMMING over Nuclear Weapons Facilities

Overnight, Russia implemented very strong GPS Jamming over and around its nuclear weapons sites; both missile and storage sites.

This is designed to thwart GPS-Guided precision missile strikes by causing the missiles to go severely off-course.

The image above shows the area being jammed (in red) in Russia’s far east, over a national-level-nuclear-weapons-storage facility.

More interestingly, Russia has also engaged GPS Jamming of Finland, Denmark, and Sweden.

There are three primary GPS systems in operation around the world, and Russia’s Electronic Warfare is JAMMING ALL THREE!

It should be noted that such electronic warfare jamming is not done routinely; it is __generally__ engaged when a country believes an attack is likely.

The big question then becomes, does Russia think it is going to be attacked first . . .  OR . . .  does Russia KNOW it is going to be attacked, perhaps because Russia itself is going to launch an attack first?


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