Oops! Polish Media Accidentally Publishes Video of Zelensky with His Doppleganger Body Guard

Poland’s Fact media accidentally published video of Zelensky with his body double.


Polish media accidently recorded #Zelensky‘s double when they covered #Biden‘s visit to #Kyiv#Awkward pic.twitter.com/F2ufQk76z0

— Arthur Morgan (@ArthurM40330824) February 25, 2023

The body double looks exactly like Zelensky in the video except that his pockets are not weighted down with billions of US dollars like Volodymyr’s.

The body double is reportedly Zelensky’s bodyguard.

Joe Biden flew to Kiev last week for a photo op with Zelensky on the first anniversary of the US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine.

Joe Biden and Zelensky never flinched, neither did the crowds around them, when sirens went off during Biden’s visit.


Biden is walking around Kiev with Zelensky as air sirens sound pic.twitter.com/b1tpZAfOhd

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) February 20, 2023


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