It Is Done: Bakhmut is Encircled by Russian Troops

It took months of fierce and deadly fighting, but the city of Bakhmut, Ukraine is now, officially, tactically-encircled by the Russian Army.   Upwards of seven thousand (7,000) Ukraine troops are now trapped and cannot get out.

This morning, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported to Ukraine President Zelensky about the tactical encirclement and the impossibility of evacuating the remaining Ukrainian units.


This is a massive victory for the Russian Army.   By finally taking Bakhmut, Russia has now cut-off all supply lines for the Ukrainian Army to the south and southeast of Ukraine.  Those areas will now fall, one at a time, to the never-ending Russian onslaught.

Ukraine is losing the war.  As reported on this web site from the very beginning, once the Russian Army crossed their border, Ukraine stood no chance at all.  Only the West thought otherwise, and provided aid to Ukraine.  That aid only served to delay the inevitable, and cost tens-of-thousands of more Ukrainian deaths.

Ukraine should surrender.


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