Poland Installing Anti-Tank Barriers Along Border With Belarus

The government of Poland has begun installing anti-tank barriers along its border with Belarus.  One example of the new installations is shown above, more below.

Didn’t WW2 teach everyone the folly of fixed defenses and tank traps are nothing more than a speed bump. You’d think Poland would have learned that from the French, Germans, and Russian who all tried and failed using these tactics.

The Polish Border Guard today has begun the the process of Reinforcing the Border between Poland and Russia starting by placing Anti-Tank Barricades at Border Checkpoints leading into the Kaliningrad Enclave.

Governments don’t do things like this for no reason.  They do it because they KNOW they’re going to be needed.   

The march toward World War 3 continues.   

The people doing this are psychotic and need to be stopped by whatever means are necessary, lest we all perish from their maniacal actions.

Stopping the people who are doing this is an act of self defense.


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