The United Nations, meeting in New York, has voted to DEMAND Russia withdraw from Ukraine “immediately and Unconditionally.”  The vote was 141 in favor, 7 opposed, with 32 abstaining.

The same UN that indefinitely delayed the meeting about the Nord Stream pipeline being blown up.

The same U.N. that won’t even investigate the evidence that Russia submitted showing the illegal biolabs in Ukraine.

The UN/WHO, when it came to Covid-19, was full-on Karen-Gestapo Liberal. (HT REMARK: You think those same sociopaths can judge anything else fairly, honestly, logically and ethically?)

Battle lines drawn is what I see. God’s Will Be Done!

As is customary, the ones that opposed, or abstained, tells a story of what countries will be forming a coalition behind Russia.

WE (US & UK) created the UN to impose OUR WILL, “the now Satanic West” on the world.

You can bet every nation was TOLD how they would vote.

They say, “Yes Sir, Right away Sir, Anything You Say Sir.”

THAT is what “FOREIGN AID” is all about. It is BRIBERY of the leadership, of our puppet regimes, paid for by the US taxpayers.

The votes are all BOUGHT and PAID FOR, perfectly LEGAL, if not ethical.


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion


its all the USA! USA is the problem, USA is the aggressor.

Russia sees this.  It’s no secret.

The key for Russia is quite clear: Hit the USA and hit it hard.  

If Russia was to hit the USA, Europe would fold faster than the World Trade Center free-fell on 9-11.   Europe knows that militarily, it is absolutely nothing without the USA . . .  and that is the fact.

If Russia chooses to hit the USA, I think they would hit Washington, DC (decision-making center) with separate warheads against the US Capital complex (which would also take out the Supreme Court and likely the White House due to proximity.  A second warhead would likely hit the Pentagon to wipe out military infrastructure and sew chaos.  They may also choose to hit the US State Department, which is near pentagon and would probably be wiped out by same warhead, but they’d probably want to make sure Blinken and the other pencil-neck perverts in that Department get vaporized.

I think they would also hit Fort Meade, MD to strike at the NSA, as well as hit Langley, VA to take out CIA.

Next up is likely to be New York City and that would require at least two separate warheads; one to hit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the Intersection of Liberty St and Maiden Lane.  That one would likely be a GROUND BURST to make certain they vaporize or irradiate the international gold bullion reserves stored five floors beneath the bank, in vaults surrounded by solid rock, with a second warhead to hit the United Nations Building on First Avenue near 43rd St to take out all those parasite Diplomats who achieve nothing good for the world, while many of them (but not all) party, do drugs, rape children, and get paid for it all.

After that, it’s anyone’s guess.   


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