Putin’s Historic Speech – Live Updates

As of 8:49 AM eastern US time, I am listening to an English translation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to Russia’s Federal Assembly; a joint meeting of the lower house (Duma) and the Upper House (Federation Council) – sort of like a joint session of congress in the USA.

(I and my wife arrived up here at our home in Pennsylvania at 2:21 AM this morning, and after unloading the truck, we went to bed.  I just couldn’t stay awake to hear the speech live at 4:00 AM.)

So far, Putin’s speech is very much a domestic political speech – sort of a “state of the union” – but there is extensive mention of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine, which Putin reffered-to as a “war” for the very first time.

President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of starting the war in Ukraine and trying to turn it into a global conflict against Russia in a bid to gain ‘limitless power’ in his annual state-of-the-nation address.

‘We were doing everything possible to solve this problem peacefully, negotiating a peaceful way out of this difficult conflict, but behind our backs a very different scenario was being prepared,’ Putin told lawmakers from Russia’s parliament.

He said he was addressing them ‘at a time which we all know is a difficult, watershed moment for our country, a time of cardinal, irreversible changes around the world, the most important historic events that will shape the future of our country and our people,’ and vowed to ‘systematically’ continue with the offensive in Ukraine.

His speech comes days before the war in Ukraine passes the one-year mark on Friday. Putin ordered his forces into the country on February 24, 2022 in what he calls a ‘special military operation’ instead of a war.

Highlights: (Final Revision)

Putin speech
Message from Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly – Tuesday, February 21

Part-1 Step by step, we will carefully and consistently solve tasks facing special military operation in Ukraine.

Part-2 —-

Part-3 US has bases across entire world, America was withdrawing from arms agreements, it was not by chance. By February 2022 they were preparing operation in Donbass.

Part-4 Those who planned offensive against Donbass regions knew that their next target would be Crimea, and we knew about this – now in Kiev they are openly talking about such goals. West has already spent over $150 BILLION dollars on weapons for Kiev regime.

Part-5 West is waging war against Russia, they must use anything they have, TERRORISTS, NEO-NAZIS, THE DEVIL if they have to – anything to use weapons against Russia. People of Ukraine are hostages to Kiev regime, we are not at war with them.

Part-6 Ukraine being used as tool, and testing ground by West against Russia – the more long-range weapons are sent to Ukraine, the longer we have to push threat away from our borders.

Part-7 —-

Part-8 It is our duty to support families and children of fallen soldiers, who have fought NAZIS just like their ancestors in WW2.

Part-9 Those imposing sanctions are punishing THEMSELVES, they are causing crises in their countries and telling their citizens that Russians are to blame – those sanctions are just means and the goal is to make Russians SUFFER, but all this is done IN VAIN.

Part-10 Russia will continue to work with partners to make system of international settlement INDEPENDENT of the dollar and other Western currencies, dollar will lose its universal role.

Part-11 West has unfolded multiple fronts against Russia, military, informational and economic, but it WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING.

Part-12 Russia working with India, Iran, Pakistan, and Middle Eastern countries in order to develop business partnerships.

Part-13 Russia is open country, but an independent civilization – we do not consider ourselves superior but we inherited our civilization from our ancestors and we must pass it on.

Part-14 West is PERVERTING their own people, destroying the FAMILY, mocking children, even PEDOPHILIA is declared the norm – they are even considering God to be gender neutral! We must protect our children from DEGREDATION and DEGENERATION

Part-15 Russia has a historical higher right – to be STRONG.

Part-16 West is DIRECTLY COMPLICIT in Kiev regime’s attempts to strike our strategic aviation – it is ABSURD that they want to carry out inspections on our defence facilities. The United States and NATO openly say that their goal is STRATEGIC DEFEAT OF RUSSIA.

Part-17 Russia’s suspending participation in START treaty – agreement between Russia and US on reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (nukes) – we are not withdrawing from it.

Part-18 US shouldn’t try to LIE that they want peace considering they are testing new types of nukes – Russia will also do this, but only because Washington will do so.

Part-19 West supported 2014 COUP in Ukraine, laying ideological basis of Russophobia and extreme nationalism in country. NEO NAZIS do not hide in Ukraine, and West doesn’t care, because the Nazis are fighting against Russia.

Part-20 Putin rounds off speech, stating THE TRUTH IS WITH US as applause fills room.
(Video)”Military plan for the 2023 – 2025 period… Nuclear military forces ready at 91%” This sounds ominous. Russia is bracing for a looong war.

“We will give loans of up to 500 million rubles for companies. We will build new roads, new hospitals, new bridges. We will help new business, we need more FAMILY businesses.”

Russia’s GDP contraction totals 2.1% in 2022 though West projected 20% fall, says Putin

Putin is calm, talking sense, inspiring his country to a time a peace and prosperity.

My impression: Nothing gigantic.  Nothing staggeringly major.   


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