Biden Humiliates America on Presidents Day with Embarrassing Overseas Gaffe

President Joe Biden meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv on Monday. (Evan Vucci – Pool / Getty Images)

Well, President Joe Biden made a visit to Ukraine just in time for Presidents Day, to spend the day with the foreign president of a notoriously corrupt, non-NATO nation to whence he (the American president) has been sending hundreds of millions of dollars to fend off Russia in the latest iteration of a longstanding, multifaceted conflict with which the United States has virtually nothing to do.

While making remarks on the occasion of this overseas visit to the war zone nearly a year after Russia first invaded Ukraine, Biden, slurring his way through so clearly prepared remarks that he spent a great deal of time staring down at them, fumbled over the worst possible part of his speech.

Just another day in the Biden presidency.

“We built a coalition of nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific,” Biden said while discussing the American interest in stopping unchecked aggression.

“NATO,” he continued reading after a pause, as though it was something he was hearing about for the first time.

After a very awkward pause during which the poor president made evident he had clearly lost his place in this arduous monotone read-aloud, Biden continued, “to the … the Atlantic … Japan in the Pacific. I mean, across the world, the number of nations … over fifty …” he stammered out before finally rallying and getting back on track with the pace of the prepared remarks.


BIDEN: “We built a coalition of nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific. NATO. To the, in the Atlantic. Japan in the Pacific. I mean, across the cou—across the world”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 20, 2023

This couldn’t possibly be a worse look for President Joe Biden, in 2023, while spending Presidents Day in Ukraine, where he’s been sending all of our money as we watch the price of basic goods rise and any hope for a stable, peaceful country dwindling by the day.

It’s not merely his stumbling over the words — you can only blame his lifelong tendency to stutter for so much. It’s the way he paused, read “NATO” as though it was an entirely foreign concept to him, and seemed so unfamiliar with the speech he was presenting, giving the glaring impression that the man is being led around by the nose by his handlers and is very clearly not running our country — let alone keeping the global community safe and secure from unchecked aggression.

All of this is further underscored by the fact that the entire visit appeared painfully staged.

Video footage showed Biden strolling casually through the besieged Ukrainian capital with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whom the White House said he had come to meet to “reaffirm our unwavering and unflagging commitment to Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

For some nearly incomprehensible reason, however, the footage of the leader of the free world waltzing casually through a literal war zone was accompanied by the sound of distant gunfire and a bleedin’ air raid siren, as though we are expected to believe the president of the United States would have ever been allowed to be out in the open by the Ukrainian military, let alone his American security detail, during threat of an imminent attack.

Like so much of the entire war in Ukraine, the entire trip was dripping with deliberate and woefully flimsy optics.

Yet it was a stage that was, unfortunately, set for an actor who could barely perform his part. That is, President Biden.

This is the man that the establishment elite are hoping will preserve their dubiously moral standing on the world stage.

Are they losing their grip, or is there more to the story?

You tell me.


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