Electronic Billboards in Moscow: “Preparing for Historic Day 02-21-2023 No Turning Back”

Electronic billboards in Moscow Russia are broadcasting war images with the message “”Moscow is preparing for tomorrow’s historic day. There will be no turning back. 21.02.23”   Here’s video from Moscow:

I don’t know what it is that President Vladimir Putin has planned.  Of course, all of us already know that, last week, the Russian government ORDERED all TV and radio stations in the country to carry President Putin’s speech to the Federal Assembly tomorrow.  They were all told to expect it to be a one hour speech.

Never before in Russia’s history has government ORDERED the carrying of a Presidential speech live, on every TV and radio station in the country – because the country has twelve time zones and is so huge, the government allowed TV and Radio to cover past speeches as appropriate for each time zone.  Not tomorrow.

So whatever is coming, tomorrow looks like it’s a doozy.


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