Participants with “Jesus” Shirts Demonstrate at Mall of America in Response to Man Wearing “Jesus Saves” Shirt Being Asked to Leave 2 Weeks Ago

In a response to a man getting kicked out of the Mall of America for wearing a “Jesus Saves” T-shirt a few weeks ago, a group of individuals went to the mall this weekend with similar shirts.  This time the shirt wearers weren’t asked to leave. 

Two weeks ago a man wearing a “Jesus Saves” yellow T-shirt was reportedly asked to leave the Mall of America for wearing the shirt.  The Gateway Pundit reported on the incident.

On Saturday a group of protesters went to the Mall of America in similar Jesus shirts.

A demonstration took place Saturday at the Mall of America with participants wearing various Jesus shirts. The event was organized in response to a video that surfaced of a man, Paul Shoro, who was asked to remove his “Jesus Saves” shirt or leave the mall on Jan. 7.

Shoro told Alpha News that he and other members of his church were at the mall Saturday to “proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“They were about to kick me out because of my shirt, because they said it was offensive, then after one hour of argument, the other police came and said I could stay,” he continued. “Today we are here to help people, not to offend anyone, but to tell people about the good news of the Gospel.”

…Kingdom Bizness, a YouTuber and self-proclaimed minister from Atlanta, Ga., led the larger group in singing and chanting “Jesus Christ” and “Jesus saves.” He also is the author of a petition with nearly 3,000 signatures asking the Mall of America to “stop religious discrimination.”

Mall security as well as Bloomington police officers were on scene, and asked the group of demonstrators several times to disperse, saying that they would be asked to leave the premises if they failed to comply. Mall security declined to answer questions from Alpha News.

The crowd outside L.L. Bean largely dissipated. Many of the demonstrators gathered again around 3 p.m. to sing hymns.

These protesters were shown in tweets from the Mall of America.


Protesters gathered at the Mall of America this afternoon with “Jesus is the only way” shirts

— Alpha News (@AlphaNewsMN) February 4, 2023

Others showed up at the mall in black Jesus shirts.


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