FDA pushing for ENDLESS covid shots… annual boosters to inflame your heart and kill you early

The fully discredited Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved an endless covid booster program that will continue to weaken and cripple the population, year after year. With dozens of new boosters on the horizon, the FDA can no longer pretend that the covid jab is an immunization that is “saving millions of lives.”

Like the flu shot, the covid jab will be marketed annually as a solution to rampant seasonal illness. The annual boosters will be promoted in the Fall of each year, as medical institutions continue on with their coercive fraud, unabated. As the vaccines cause more health issues in the population, these new medical issues can always be blamed on a new covid variant or a new flu strain, spread by the “antivaxxers” and the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” As immune systems are poisoned and depleted by harmful vaccine science, as medical fraud and false advertising become the new normal, the population will be forced into a hopeless situation, that they must come to reject through courage and faith.

Majority of population becoming antivaxxers as covid booster program is rejected

Government statistics show that 80 percent of the population have received at least one covid jab. A majority of the population have learned the hard way that the jab was a con on their mind, a weapon against their body, and an act of oppression, submitting their soul to a false savior. Today, only 16 percent of those eligible have taken the latest spike protein booster jab from Pfizer and Moderna. As the population wakes up to the cold reality of vaccine injury and fraud, the American government and all its so-called regulatory agencies continue to operate in bondage to the lawless vaccine manufacturers, who have yet to be indicted for their flagrant and forceful crimes against humanity.

In fact, the Biden regime just urged “fully vaccinated” Americans to get annual coronavirus boosters. “If you’re fully vaccinated, get one more COVID shot. Once a year. That’s it,” the cognitively deficient Joe Biden said during a speech on his White House video set. Biden advertised himself getting a fifth booster of the mRNA jab, despite his “fully vaccinated” body getting sick with covid-19 and other infections earlier in the year.

To top it off, Biden’s abhorrent cognitive function has become a national security risk, as his health continues to decline. His top health advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has already explained to the public that they “may very well require booster shots to maintain protection against the coronavirus.”

Has the vaccine industry overplayed their hand?

These annual covid boosters will be reformulated year after year, as Pfizer’s not-so-secret “directed evolution” of the coronavirus spike protein becomes the new normal of science malfeasance, allowing for predatory vaccine development, the mutation of new coronavirus strains, and the exploitation of human immune systems.

The FDA released an official document about Americans having “sufficient preexisting immunity,” but the FDA completely contradicts that statement by saying that Americans will still need annual boosters. To make matters worse, older adults, persons with compromised immune function, and children are being considered for TWO covid jabs per year (to hasten death).

The covid jabs have also been placed on the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule, calling into question the integrity and necessity of the entire vaccine schedule that is pushed onto babies in utero, on their first day of life, and aggressively during multiple “well baby” checkups in their first years of life. As the covid jab goes annual and gets added to the childhood vaccine schedule, has the vaccine industry overplayed their hand? Will their aggression, fraud, and liability-free exploitation of the population be reined in to protect a future generation of children?


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