Approaching the Time of Great Reckoning

Realigning What’s Important

Acts 17:30

“Though God has overlooked those times of ignorance, He now commands everyone everywhere to repent…”

Since March 2020, I have given more than 650 interviews and presentations, warning of the great tyranny upon us. And I was not the only one. Here are a few more:

  • The “Disinformation Dozen” – Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, Erin Elizabeth, Joseph Mercola, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Rashid Buttar, Christiane Northrup, Ben Tapper, Kevin Jenkins, Rizza Islam, and me; (#>12)
  • The 5 Docs – Larry Palevsky, Lee Merritt, Carrie Madje, Christiane Northrup, and me
  • A handful of Prominent Pastors – Ernie Sanders, Caspar McCloud, Greg Locke, Gray Goslin, Mike Spalding
  • A handful of Outspoken, Credentialed MDs and PhDs: Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Steve Hotze, Paul Alexander, Robert Mallone, Meryl Nass, Pierre Kory, Dolores Cahill, Jim Thomas, Jim Thorpe, Tess Lawrie, Bryan Ardis
  • A handful of Outspoken Broadcasters, Writers, and Podcasters: Stu Peters, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Reinette Senum, Derek Gilbert, Ed Dowd, Clay Clark, Gen. Flynn
  • A couple of Outspoken Lawyers: Tom Renz, Reiner Fullmich

While this list is certainly not all-inclusive nor was it intended to be – and sincere apologies to those that were not included here for sake of brevity – it gives you an idea of how few are standing in the gap for humanity.

How many more? I’ll be generous and guess there are a few thousand of us worldwide who are holding the line against the multi-trillion-dollar machine trying to capture, kill, or permanently enslave those who remain alive.

What are they using to fight against us? ENDLESS money —


How many got the shot(s) anyway? According to the US Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker, at least 262,908,216 people, or 79% of the population, have received at least one dose.

Why? Why would a CHRISTIAN subjugate their health, their future, and their life to an injection? I have boiled that down the answer to three basic categories:

  1. Out of fear
  2. For convenience
  3. Through coercion

Let’s walk through those a bit more closely.

  1. Fear – The Bible says in various ways, FEAR NOT, more than 300 times. As I have said many times if God bothers to repeat Himself that many times, it’s important. And if Christians turned to the potions of the pharmakeia, the sorcerers, to take away their fear, they violated the temple of the Holy Spirit. And they turned their back on God. They sinned. They must repent. They will be forgiven…if they ask.
    1. One of my favorites is Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
  2. Convenience – The “Me Generations” couldn’t possibly give up a sporting event, a cruise or a vacation, a favorite restaurant, a concert or going to the theater, and on and on. Many got the jabs – and ridiculed others who didn’t – just so they wouldn’t have to hassle with the hassle of not being jabbed.
    1. This reminds me of James 4:4 – Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.
  3. Coercion – Millions around across the country didn’t want to get the shots. They were bullied by a ‘best’ friend or an adult child who blackmailed them into getting the shots to see their grandchildren. Or they were strong-armed by a boss to keep their job. I can only imagine the pressure each person was under in various circumstances: Be injected with an experimental product that disrupts your God-given genetics and can even kill OR lose a lifetime career you built and loved OR lose your ability to feed and house your family; OR if near retirement, refuse the shot and lose it all.
    1. Jesus gave the answer, found in John 14:1 – “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”
  • We’re now seeing military and healthcare workers being reinstated who chose to walk away. We’re seeing mandates being dropped everywhere. Those who refused are being vindicated … with their job and with their life. In the moment of difficult decisions: Wait. Trust. Believe.

Millions of Christians were seduced and deceived into taking the shots. Did their priest or pastor encourage them to get it (I heard one say, “You have to get the shot; my wife is a nurse and SHE knows it’s safe!”)

I watched as almost every church in America closed its doors to prayer under an illegal public health mandate. I watched as many partnered with local health departments to hold shot clinics on Tuesdays. The pastors, priests, and rabbis who followed this path have MUCH to confess and repent before the Lord. Your flock trusted you and you led them to destruction by encouraging them to corrupt their unique, God-given genetic imprint and their immune system.

I wonder what these Church leaders are thinking now, as they are officiating the funerals of those who “died suddenly” by “causes unknown.” Will they admit they were wrong? Will they ever admit, even quietly, that they were complicit in the death of those who listened to their misguided direction?


Now that the numbers are becoming irrefutable, many are now coming face-to-face with their active decision or passive acceptance of the jabs:

Many are claiming, “I just didn’t know” – meaning, they never bothered to look, or ask questions. They blindly trusted humans in white coats called ‘doctors’ and those in their Bingo Club. They shouted down and chased away their informed friends. And now that dozens of their friends and family members getting sick and they are going to more and more funerals, are they beginning to ask, “Am I next?” or more… “What did I do?”

By the end of 2023, I predict that every person in America will know at least five people, probably more, from their close inner circle of friends and family members who have literally dropped dead from the “cause unknown.” Except…the cause IS known.

The Cognitive Dissonance caused by staring the truth in the face will be more than many can take.

If you’re suffering in that space, here is a course on Cognitive Dissonance from my sister sight,, that might help.

If you missed my substack, “Accepting the Reality of the Plandemic” you can find it here. It will walk you through some steps and help you cope with the coming loss and deaths.

For those claiming “ignorance” – as described in Acts 17:30 – the time is up.

  • Accept you made a mistake – you trusted man over God
  • Confess these sins to the Lord
  • Accept there may be physical consequences of your choices but the Spiritual ramifications will be forgiven and healed by the Lord
  • Then go forth and help others do the same.

Recall Revelation 3:16 – “So because you are lukewarm (spiritually useless), and neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of My mouth [rejecting you with disgust].”

  • Many must also repent of the sin of being a “lukewarm Christian.” What does that mean?
    • It means stop giving a ‘pass’ to people for their decision to defile their body by allowing the injection of the Bioweapon into their Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:17-18). It’s akin to saying, “If you want to chop off your hand, it’s ok – it’s your choice.” That’s NOT ok.
    • It applies to those who are comfortable in less-than-fervent service to the Kingdom. Go to church? [check] Be a deacon at the church? [check] Sing in the church choir? [check] Show up to Wednesday night Bible study? [check] Whew. I’ve got it all covered.

Is that enough? Where is your heart? In your daily life, are you building a closer relationship with Jesus? Do you share the Gospel with your colleagues at work, with random strangers on the street? If things get tough, are you willing to die for your faith? I urge you to become a supporter of Voice of the Martyrs. Subscribe to their FREE print magazine that each month shares real-life stories of those who walk through fire for God. Store their stories in the back of your mind for inspiration when the real persecution begins.


This has been a little different Sunday substack. The Lord put this on my heart yesterday to put this information in print. Please share it. Print it. Save it. We’re getting ever closer to the Day of Reckoning. Where are you in this discussion? What are you going to do to realign your life’s course? How are you going to share this with those around you who have taken the shot? 

Today’s Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, You gave us a command to go forth and tell the world about the Good News of the Saving Grace of our Lord Jesus. Every Believer who has been on the earth since Jesus’ Resurrection has been given this directive. In the heat of the spiritual battle of good vs evil we find ourselves in right now, it is more important than ever to bring more into the Kingdom of God. Satan and his accomplices are determined to destroy every element of Your creation here on earth. With Your power behind us, it won’t happen any time soon. He knows – and we know – that in the End, Jesus in all His glory will win. But billions here on earth still do not know You, nor do they even believe in evil.

Lord, give us the courage to step out with the conviction to see each person we meet as though they are deciding in that very moment where they will spend Eternal life – with You in Heaven and the heavenly places or in Sheol, and the firey pit. There is no middle ground.

May the Holy Spirit fill our mouths with the correct, individualized words to reach their spirit. May Your Love shine through us. Let our lives be an example to guide each person to choose You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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