Photo from Brock Purdy’s Instagram

While some celebrities keep their faith private, breakout NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Brock Purdy, brings his faith into the spotlight. 

“I’m called to witness. I’m called to share the word,” Purdy explained. “I have this knowledge of the spirit and I want to give it to as many people as I can.”  

While this interview dates back to his college career, Purdy continues to live out this mission as he helps the 49ers continue their 12-game winning streak.

Many people would soak in the praise after defeating the Tom Brady led Buccaneers in a pivotal playoff game, but Purdy was quick to deflect. 

“I have so much help around me with all the veterans and leadership on this team,” Purdy said in a postgame interview.

Purdy’s expression of faith lies beyond postgame interviews. Many of his social media posts are accompanied by relevant bible verses.  

In an Instagram post following his graduation from Iowa State, Purdy included Jeremiah 29:11, referencing his trust in God’s plan for his future. His Instagram and Twitter bios both state “Believer in Christ,” with his Twitter banner being Colossians 3:23. 

As Movieguide® has previously reported, while Purdy is early in his NFL career, he is seen as a poised and confident quarterback, qualities that he attributes to his foundation in Jesus. 

These qualities will be crucial in Purdy’s challenge on Sunday when he faces the Eagles in the NFC championship. Win or lose, one thing is for certain, Brock Purdy will trust the Lord.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Purdy is also outspoken about his faith and often credits God with his success.

“Every time I play — no matter what happens — I want others to see God through my actions,” Brock told Sports Spectrum in 2019. “Every time I step on the field I want to bring Him glory. Even when we lose, I point to God and thank Him for the opportunity. Everything happens for a reason; it’s all a lesson from the Lord. It’s a game, it’s not my life.”

In 2021, he shared part of his testimony: “It was just a great reminder of where my identity is, where it lies. And it’s in Jesus. And I continue to lean on Him. Again, the next day I didn’t go out and throw for 500 yards and was this awesome quarterback, but it was just this peace that I had with Him knowing that, ‘Hey, no matter what I’m going to face moving forward during college football, God and Jesus are going to be my identity. And whatever I face, I won’t be shaken from it.’ I’ve got a great foundation in Him.”


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