Local Reporter Calls Riot in Atlanta “Largely Peaceful Protest” as Police Cruiser Goes up in Flames in the Background (VIDEO)

Screenshot/FOX 5 Atlanta

The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday evening that revenge riots erupted in Atlanta over the killing of a far-left gunman in Antifa’s ‘autonomous zone.’

Manuel Esteban Paez Teran also known as “Tortuguita,” 26, was shot and killed by police, and now his friends and comrades are wreaking havoc on local businesses in retaliation.


BREAKING: #COPCITY protesters throw rocks at Atlanta Police Foundation building in downtown Atlanta. They also set off fireworks and spray painted the building. #ATL #BREAKING #NOW @FOX5Atlanta pic.twitter.com/BwF5CzNgIm

— Billy Heath III (@BillyHeathFOX5) January 21, 2023


BREAKING: @Atlanta_Police vehicle burns in downtown Atlanta, police are working urgently to clear the streets of #COPCITY protesters. Very chaotic scene unfolding right now. #BREAKING #ATL #NEWS #NOW @FOX5Atlanta pic.twitter.com/XGf6M50t4O

— Billy Heath III (@BillyHeathFOX5) January 21, 2023

A local Atlanta reporter called the riot a “largely peaceful protest” as the police cruiser was engulfed in flames in the background.

Tyler Fingert (Screenshot/FOX 5 Atlanta)

Tyler Fingert of FOX 5 said the riot was largely peaceful during live coverage.

“So it was a largely peaceful protest where they just wanted what they’re calling justice for to two for Tortuguita. And right now, you’ll see; basically, they want justice for him after the shooting that happened, when the Atlanta police and the different law enforcement agencies were raiding the forest…”

Watch the video below:


Local Atlanta reporter calls the protest in Atlanta “largely peaceful protest” as a police cruiser is on fire in the background.

You can’t make this stuff up. pic.twitter.com/tYJpJulxdH

— 3sidedstory 🇺🇲 (@3sidedstory) January 22, 2023


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