BBC Windows Covered In Stickers Representing Deaths Caused By Covid Jabs

People want the truth regarding the experimental covid ‘vaccines’.

Video footage from the UK shows hundreds of stickers, symbolizing loved ones believed to have been killed by the experimental jabs, plastered all over the windows of BBC studios in the UK.

Six BBC buildings were covered with placards and photos of people who died from the covid vaccine and as usual the media have remained very quiet.


Stickers of the dead caused by the jabs are posted on windows of the BBC…— JohnnyBoy (@JohnnyB61605603) January 15, 2023

InfoWars reports: A couple of the stickers were fashioned together to create the phrase “Tell the truth” and “Jabs Kill.”

A banner hanging in front of the building also says, “BBC is the Virus!”

The BBC – along with the rest of the legacy media – has been toeing the official government narrative to scare the public about COVID since the very beginning of the pandemic, refusing to cover anything that deviates from the script and demonizing anybody who challenged the lockdowns, vaccines, or official story about the virus’ origins.

Many users on social media praised the act of protest, calling for more peaceful and powerful demonstrations like these to spread to the US and Canada and to doctors offices and hospitals.


This ought to be done in every town and city throughout the U.K.— Nelia@the madhouse (@Nelia23893053) January 15, 2023


What a wonderful way to communicate— Charlie Mango (@CharlieMango1) January 15, 2023


Should start posting them on hospitals and doctors offices.— Spartachris (@Spartachris1979) January 15, 2023


This needs to be done worldwide; US, Canada, UK and everywhere!— DD,RN (@Faithfulone77) January 15, 2023


crime against humanity, aided by the corrupt BBC— Dj (@UFO_ET_craftsDj) January 15, 2023


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