Transhumanism Horror: Elites Want to Genetically Alter Children in the Womb, High-Bred Globalist Kids (Video)

People’s desires to expand their human capabilities will give globalists an instrument of total control over our lives.

Globalists have big dreams: to have godlike power over human beings, their reproduction, and their genetic code. Under their new buzzwords “human upgrade” or “body tuning,” they are selling their plans of providing people with chips for everyday use. With their desire to be able to rule over life, they don’t even stop at unborn children: You even want to tinker with babies’ genetic prerequisites in the womb.

Gene scissors in the womb

In a “Welt” interview, virologist Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck from the University Hospital Bonn spoke about “body tuning” or “human upgrade”: more resilient babies or implanted chips in your hand that you can use to pay at the checkout or unlock your door. 

He believes that everyone has dreamed of improving their cognitive abilities. “To be able to think faster or improve performance.” Dr. Streeck explains there are three types of body tuning to make this possible.

Being chemically upgraded with medication. Through technology, by having an implant or something attached to the body. Lastly, DNA manipulation, by editing things out or in, already before birth, and having a child, a baby with an upgrade.

“There are no limits to the imagination. Anything goes”, explains Dr. Streeek. Streeck ponders CRISPR technology (genetic scissors). The possibilities are far-reaching: “We can use this to change all sorts of things in unborn people. For example, we could create children who are immune to certain diseases or more resistant to colds. And there is also a lot of research in other areas, i.e., technology and pharmacy. He compares it to the administration of Ritalin for ADHD to make them more efficient and think faster.

High-bred globalist kids

Dr. Streeck warns of the negative effects of tinkering with the human genome. Children whose genetics have been altered this way could face unpredictable and long-term side effects. You must always remember that this genetic modification is passed on to the offspring. However, he believes that every second German could be open to such “body upgrades.” 

Like so many transhumanist horrific visions, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its leader, “Great Reset,” lead architect Klaus Schwab have long fantasized about equipping children with brain chips. Just this past August, on the WEF website, they explained how brain chips would not only improve health by eradicating impairments like learning disabilities and depression but pave the way for children to attain superhuman capacities:

“Superheroes have been dominating big and small screens for a while, but there’s a subtle change happening. Many children expect to develop superpowers themselves. These expectations may sound unattainable, but we’re already making the first strides towards an “augmented society,” writes WEF agenda contributor Kathleen Phillips in a blog post titled, “Augmented tech can change the way we live, but only with the right support and vision.”

World leaders have boasted of the so-called advantages for the youngest – and wiped away ethical concerns by highlighting they would be like “superheroes.” One feels ominously reminded of the vaccination propaganda deployed to inject small children with experimental gene therapies.

Chip implants for everyone?

Streeck also spoke about the technological possibility of having a chip implanted under the skin to pay at the supermarket checkout. Long dismissed as a “conspiracy theory,” it is now apparently, at best, a question of ethics. “Do we really want our information detected everywhere? The boundaries are slowly disappearing concerning what we can do,” says Streeck.

As Xiao Liu wrote on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website in June 2020, “We’re entering the era of the “Internet of Bodies”: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.”

Apple is already boasting of a new implant in the clinical trial phase, which will grant users the ability to use their brains to control their iPhone or iPad with their thoughts. In addition, app stores are already being dreamed up for the future brain chips.

Transhumanistic God Playing

WEF advisor and transhumanism thought leader Yuval Noah Harari even goes one step further. He dreams of an “anti-virus program for the mind” to drive out negative – and probably also critical – thoughts from people. Then, in the future, Harari believes, “bioengineers will take the old Sapiens body, and intentionally rewrite its genetic code, rewire its brain circuits, alter its biochemical balance, and even grow entirely new limbs. They will thereby create new godlings, who might be as different from us Sapiens as we are different from Homo erectus.” So basically, in less than half a century, Cyborgs will replace humanity.

In this world of machine-made elite gods, conventional, ordinary people without such “upgrades” only appear as a herd of cattle to be controlled and ruled over. Even human reproduction is to be controlled; the beautiful and rich can choose their desired children from the test tube. In any case, Harari doesn’t think much of humans. As he explains, there is no scientific evidence that sapiens, unlike pigs, have a soul. Transhumanists want to overcome humanity and cement their power. Sadly, people’s desires to expand their human capabilities will give globalists an instrument of total control over our lives.

Watch the interview with Professor Dr. Hendrik Streeck from the University Hospital Bonn and World TV moderator Franca Lehfeldt that has been exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA:


TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Welt-Health. Our topic today is Human Upgrades.

The research and the advancements imaginable in this area are comparable to the human will to establish colonies on the moon.

Not long after reaching the moon and leaving footprints there, humanity wanted to make it possible to live there.

Similarly, even though so much research has already been done in the genetic field, not everything has been achieved yet. The desire remains to manipulate biology and change human genetics. However, despite advances, the aging process can’t be stopped or reversed. Today we’ll discuss with Prof. Hendrik Streeck what’s already possible and what isn’t.

He’s here with us from the University Clinic in Bonn. Hello, Hendrik. Glad you could be with us again. 

Hendrik Streeck

Hello, Franca; always a pleasure.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

As I was saying, manipulating biology, please explain to us what the bottom line is on Human Upgrades.

Hendrik Streeck

Well, who hasn’t thought about having better cognitive abilities? To be able to think faster or improve performance. There are actually three different types of Human Upgrades.

Being chemically upgraded with medication. Through technology, by having an implant or something attached to the body. Lastly, DNA manipulation, by editing things out or in, already before birth, and having a child, a baby with an upgrade.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

That still all sounds very complex and somewhat futuristic, but what parts of the human body would we be able to upgrade?

Hendrik Streeck

There’s actually not limited to fantasy. This is due to gene editing, which is called CRISPR technology. This enables the manipulation of DNA in embryos. Anything is possible.

Children could be created that are immune to certain viruses.

Or they could be even made more resistant to the cold by placing genes from salmon in their DNA.

There are no limits to the imagination. Anything goes.

However, Human Upgrades using technology are a different story for now, but so much research is being done. Lastly, there are chemical upgrades—something like doping for the brain.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

So one of the methods you mentioned, the manipulation of the human body by genetic editing, everything you said is already medically possible. Still, it begs the question: is that a realistic vision for the future? If we have a look around in our own circle of friends, I don’t have any friends running around with a microchip, opening doors with their chip.

It all sounds a little too much like science fiction. 

Hendrik Streeck

Yes, developing such chips is possible, and you can even pay now with your wrist. The question is, do we really want that?

Do we really want our information detected everywhere? The boundaries are slowly disappearing concerning what we can do. You are familiar with ADHS, the fidgety child syndrome, for which children are prescribed Ritalin for better concentration.

Currently, it is being prescribed more frequently, which is a concerning development.

Ritalin is used to improve performance, helping children to think more quickly and have better concentration.

Research still needs to be done in many areas, but the possibilities are already available.

This is also being researched.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

That’s a fitting catchword because we need to be honest with our own species, Homosapiens, and provide information about what is available or possible because it will be implemented sooner or later. 

The question is: Where is the red line between a therapy and the optimization craze, the addiction to the search for eternal life and augmentation?

We have a report from Johannes Feld on the current status in the area of technology that includes evolutionary manipulation.

WELT TV Report

See better, hear better, and feel more? Polls reveal 90% of the German population would be willing to augment their bodies if they had the chance.

Human Enhancement makes it possible.

Improvement in all areas of performance of the human body. Some have already started by having chips implanted, replacing the need for a train ticket or apartment door key.

Some have even gone one step beyond. For example, the British color artist Neal Harbisson had a camera implanted in his skull.

The implant allows him to feel and hear colors as audible vibrations inside his head, which earned him the title of the world’s first legally recognized cyborg.

Not all Human Enhancement has to be integrated into the body. For example, the forerunner project known as Google glasses is designed to simplify the work process and help people with disabilities in their daily routines.

Human Enhancement can be implemented very early in life. Besides immediate physical and mental improvements, there is also the possibility of enhancing bodily function via reproduction with preimplantation genetic diagnosis. 

A research team at the Chinese Shenzhen University presented a very prominent example of this.

In 2018, they claimed that HIV-resistant twins were born that had undergone CRISPR-based gene editing as embryos.

The international outcry at the time was immense because such manipulation of human DNA was ethically disputed.

The ethical discussion regarding human enhancements is always a hot topic, especially where safety and responsible use of technology are concerned.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

We just heard the catchphrase: Manipulation. When we speak about manipulating our biology and our evolution. The question arises, as you mentioned before: what are the ethical aspects?

What kind of debates are there concerning this?

Hendrik Streeck

Well, since the possibilities are endless, the question would be: should it be done at all?

As we just saw in the report, babies were born missing the HIV receptor.

It’s important to consider that these changes are passed on to offspring.

In that way, it really is manipulating our own evolution.

On the other hand, we would have the ability to hinder severe diseases in children, for example, cystic fibrosis. In that case, gene editing would be… 

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

Could you explain what exactly that is? Because I don’t know.

Hendrik Streeck

It’s a severe genetic disease in which certain tubes in the lungs that normally make mucus more fluid don’t function properly.

This causes breathing difficulties and can be deadly.

However, with gene editing, this could be corrected.

There will be boundaries, though, and the question is, where should these boundaries be drawn?

We also have the preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Germany. A child’s genetic makeup is examined before birth to see if there are any defects. However, in the U.S. or Israel, it isn’t allowed to determine whether a child will be male or female to make a selection.

This could be taken even further by selecting a child with blue eyes or with brown eyes. Or even a child with thick hair.

The list could go on forever, so it is important to have very clear ethical boundaries.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

Germany has an Ethics Counsel, and at least since the Corona pandemic, most people know about it.

My question is: where do you see dangers or risks? At what point are we in this debate?

How does German society view this topic? Or the scientific community in Germany?

In what circumstances would you say the risks are too great?

When should we distance ourselves from such technologies or research? 

Hendrik Streeck

I think each individual circumstance should be discussed, and that’s why we have an Ethics Counsel to ask these questions.

The topic is far too broad to draw the line clearly, especially since there are advantages when action is taken against certain diseases early enough.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

We’ve spoken about the risks, but we need to discuss the different areas where Human Upgrades could be implemented. There are differences between external upgrades and upgrades inside the body.

Hendrik Streeck

So far, we’ve been talking about genetic changes, but technological upgrades are also possible.

Most people already have a fitness monitor on their wrist to improve themselves.

And perhaps you’ve heard about Google glass?

When these glasses are worn, information is displayed for the eye of the wearer.

For example, facial recognition is possible.

Or to be able to read information about a certain object quickly.

How would it be if it was directly implanted inside the eye?

Perhaps there would even be the option to see in the infrared spectrum. For example, you could see if the oven is on or off and if there is an intruder in your home. You could even see electromagnetic waves, which would make it easier to find your cell phone. Research is already being done in this area.

Implants would be inserted directly into the brain.

These could download information directly into the brain overnight.

Another option that is already very advanced in research is the exo-suit.

This suit assists in carrying and lifting items, which would be helpful in care homes.

It could help caregivers carry patients or place them in a different bed by giving them more strength.

This could also be advantageous for soldiers.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

After viewing these three different possibilities, clearly, they are all very different.

Especially concerning augmenting cognitive function, how accepting is German society of such methods?

Hendrik Streeck

It’s actually quite surprising, but every second person that was asked considers Human Upgrades acceptable.

Above all, when it concerns employment. As we were discussing, assistance with carrying heavy objects.

Society is more skeptical when only purely cosmetic changes are concerned or to gain some advantage.

In that case, only one-third would consider getting themselves upgraded.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

So, for implanting something directly in the brain, Germans won’t be queuing up to get one tomorrow? 

Hendrik Streeck


That doesn’t seem to be the case, but we aren’t that advanced yet with the technology, either.

Germany seems to be lagging on the technological front, but that’s beside the point.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

Let’s discuss biohacks because it’s an important term. There’s a difference between a Human Upgrade and a bio-hack. As you mentioned, cosmetic changes or minor improvements.

If I go to bed before midnight, is that a biohack?

Will I live longer and be more beautiful by doing that?

Please tell us more about that.

Hendrik Streeck

At this point, many of us have apps, health apps, or a fitness monitor.

Or we have an Apple Watch with which we try to optimize our lives.

Part of self-optimizing includes more sleep, which leads us to have healthier lives.

Sleep is very important, and most people don’t sleep enough.

This influences our quality of life.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

Will I still be made fun of when I say I feel great after ten hours of sleep?

Lots of people laugh when I say that, but it doesn’t seem so wrong after all.

Here’s another myth, or is it true: Does eating vegan make you more fit?

Will I live longer? Or is that all just a marketing trick? Or wishful thinking?

Hendrik Streeck

The studies are very divided on that topic, but it’s important to remember vegetarians or vegans basically eat more healthily than other people.

We know that red meat can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease.

However, what the data reveals is that the healthier lifestyle helps vegetarians to die healthier, but they don’t live longer.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

OK, what about milk and eggs? Healthy or unhealthy?

Hendrik Streeck

Well, of course, proteins, in the right amount, are always healthy. They can be consumed in a vegan way.

TV Moderator – Franca Lehfeldt

Thank you so much, Hendrik Streeck, for your visit today to our studio. We’ve learned so much.

Now we understand that human manipulation is controversial. However, small biohacks, such as going to bed earlier, can help. Dear viewers, we’ll leave you with an Alphaville song, “Forever Young”, and ask you to consider how you would allow yourself to be optimized, or maybe not at all.

Consider whether chasing after immortality is really worth it.

Until next time. Bye-bye.


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