Biden classified documents included materials on Ukraine, Iran: Report

President facing investigations into allegedly restricted material.

Classified documents linked to Joe Biden discovered at a private office last year include materials related to Iran and Ukraine, according to media reports. 

Controversy exploded this week when it was learned that the National Archives had asked the Department of Justice to look into reportedly restricted documents found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, where now-President Joe Biden had briefly worked after leaving the White House following his tenure as vice president. 

CNN reported on Tuesday afternoon that among the classified materials discovered in November are “10 classified documents including US intelligence memos and briefing materials that covered topics including Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom,” the news network said. 

The materials were reportedly discovered as a lawyer was cleaning out the disused office last November just days before the midterm elections.

A source told Just the News this week that Attorney General Merrick Garland had asked a U.S. attorney in Illinois to look into the matter.  


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