Biden Condemns Brazil Protests While Brazilian Army Steps in and Protects Protesters from Lula’s Police and Truckers Join in Protests

The people of Brazil know that the recent Presidential election was stolen by convicted criminal Lula and his gang of socialists.  They are fighting back. 

Yesterday, the Capital buildings in Brasilia were overrun by protesters.  TGP had multiple reports covering these events.

Last night the national police arrested a number of protesters until the army stepped in to protect them.  The protesters went to the army’s location and the army reportedly stepped in to protect the protesters from Lula’s police.

Below is a Truth from Paul Serran.

Truckers then joined in the protests.  In the videos below, the truckers are shutting down a gas station in protest to Lula’s steal.

See videos in the attached.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden sides with the communists who stole the election which comes as no surprise.

This is a battle of the people versus the communist and fascist elites. 


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