Reader Images Show Shortages In 2023 Will Be Worse Than Originally Reported!  10 Big Chain Grocery Stores Disappearing As NYC & CA Offers A Warning To The Rest Of America 

Different readers have emailed within the last week-and-a-half informing us via commentary and images of the egg shortages we and others have been warning were coming, while citizens in New York City are facing unprecedented high grocery prices, as we see reports and video proof that guinea pigs are being sold in grocery stores and being roasted on the streets to be sold.

When we write that NYC is seeing unprecedented high food inflation, we aren’t talking about a buck higher, or even two, but rather cereal for nearly nine bucks, as shown in the image above via Not The Bee. At that link you will also find a very short video which shows others food with outrageously high prices.

The first email was on December 26, 2022 from a reader in Washington State, with an update on the egg shortage being seen in multiple states and working its way to more.

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I were at a Walmart in Lakewood Wa and they had a small amount of eggs in stock. Then we left there and went to a Tacoma  WinCo and they had none and then we went to a Tacoma Walmart and they had a small amount also. We were told that the lack of eggs was because of the bird flu (sham). We were told that the suppliers killed all of their birds because of the bird flu. What’s next? Just thought I’d let you know about our area. Thanks. 

Three different stores, all suffering the egg shortages we have been warned about for the past few months.

The next email came in on Friday, January 6, 2023, and it included images from an Oregon ‘Grocery Outlet’ store.

ANP reader image, Oregon Grocery Outlet store.

ANP reader image, Oregon Grocery Outlet store.

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A number of businesses closed in 2022 after fighting to survive what has been dubbed “Bidenflation,” but it is the grocery chains that we are focusing on in this piece.

One would think that due to the lockdowns in 2020, where diners and restaurants were deemed “non-essential,” by many state leader, and Americans used to eating out all the time were forced to eat at home, cooking far more than they had in the past, that grocery stores would actually fare better than other businesses…but they didn’t.

Some quick headlines to get a feel of what is being seen nationwide.

November 2022: Kroger and One Other Grocery Chain Are Closing Stores, Starting This Month – MORE COMPANIES HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED UPCOMING CLOSURES.

December 2022: Pittsfield grocery closing after more than three decades

December 2022: 12 Retail Chains are closing stores in 2023 – Those include 13 Target stores, 200 Walgreens pharmacies, 400 Starbucks, and 154 Walmarts. 

December 2022: Grocery Stores Including Stop & Shop Are Closing Locations, Starting Jan. 2 – Those include IGA in Indiana, Freedom General Store in Maine, and Stop & Shop in New York and New Jersey, 

Jan 2023: These Maryland Retailers Struggling, May Close Locations In 2023

Jan 2023: Kettering grocery store to close next month

I could go on, but the video below gives us a look at “10 Biggest Grocery Stores In US That Are Going to Disappear in 2023.”


Generally we can use NY and CA to determine what products will soon see massive inflation because the cost of living in hardcore coastal liberal states are far above the what we see in the middle of the country.

So when we see prices in states like NYC and CA spike, we know the prices for the same products will start increasing throughout the rest of the nation.

 For example: Rack of lamb is always expensive and according to The Pricer website in 2023 the price of a rack of lamb, depending on your location and the cut of meat, should is “anywhere from $16 to $30 per pound.”

Friday morning, January 6, 2023, while I was in the middle of writing this article, Stefan forwarded me another email, with images, of the price for a rack of lamb in California, which is $39.98 per pound.

The message said “Forklift Grocery Store, Cameron Park, California, 2 days ago,” and the image below offers his evidence of the said prices.

ANP Reader Image: CA, rack of lamb

ANP Reader Image: CA, rack of lamb

In previous pieces we have shown that beef and other meats were predicted to see shortages and massive inflation, and if we are already seeing these types of prices in CA and up above in NY, this early in 2023, we can safely assume meat prices are about to go through the roof again.

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Note we are sticking to just the items expected to see massive price hikes and/or food shortages, and for other products, see my previous food crisis update here.

It stands to reason that if stores are explaining the shortage of eggs as an Avian flu issue, then chicken products will also be seeing shortages yet again, perhaps worse than in 2020 and 2021.

Since it is extremely unlikely that ANP readers plan to eat rats or guinea pigs, and the price of fruits and vegetables are still rising, with meats once again on the fast track to even higher prices, it may come to the point where coking up your survival foods is cheaper than grocery store bought foods.

The media continues to push the narrative that food price increases will slow at some point in 2023, yet a look at the same predictions from 2021 about 2022 tells us that is nothing but propaganda, especially since the “official narrative” predictions of food inflation is already on top of the massive price hikes seen in 2021 and 2022.

Flashback July 2021: Food price hikes expected to continue this year, slow in 2022

That certainly didn’t age well, did it?

While some foods were “down year over year,” the prices didn’t decrease, they just didn’t increase, but many still remained at the highs created by the state shutdowns in 2020 – 2021.

• Pork was up 1.2% for the full year

• Poultry was up 13.1% year-over-year

Fruit and vegetable prices rose 9.7% for the full year, with a 19.8% gain in lettuce and a 16.2% increase in potatoes. Canned and frozen vegetable prices also rose in double digits.

Non-alcoholic beverage prices were up 13.2% year-over-year, and other food at home rose 13.9%

Including an 8.5% increase in food away from home (restaurant) inflation, total food was up 10.6% in November, compared to November 2021. The CPI for all items rose an unadjusted 7.1% year-over year.

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Since potatoes are also continuing to rise, I’ll list a couple bulk buckets here, and we will do something on growing them, along with tomatoes and other root vegetables indoors in a follow up piece.

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No matter how many times the Biden regime and their puppets in the media claim “inflation is down,” without highlighting that the number is on top of the inflation from the year before, which was on top of the inflation for the year before that, it is deliberate deception.

Food will continue to be an issue throughout 2023, with shortages and/or price hikes. As I have said before, emergency survivals foods are no longer just preparation for disaster, but to be used to survive the Biden regime for the next two years, at least.


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