As The Biden Cabal Carries Out Flagrant Acts Of Terror And The Mass Extermination Of The American People, Thousands Of Doctors Are Now Warning To STOP THE SHOT Immediately

– We were warned long ago the US government would use soft-kill methods to carry out genocide!

With a National Survey finding 28% of people polled know of a death caused by COVID-19 ‘vaccines,’ it’s way past time for more Americans to see the truth: COVID vaccines are lethal as well as ineffective. These new survey results add ammunition to the war against the government to take COVID vaccines off the market. 

About the new survey 

A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 American Adults was conducted on December 28-30, 2022. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, and is considered valid and representative of American sentiment. 

Survey results 

Consistent with a prior Zogby survey, Rasmussen found seventy-one percent (71%) say they have received a COVID-19 vaccination, while 26% have not. Concerns about vaccine safety are much higher among the unvaccinated. However the vaccinated appear to be waking up to the harms of the shots. 

Among the vaccinated, many of whom pushed the COVID-19 shots on family members or in the workplace, now 38% consider unexplained deaths from the vaccine at least somewhat likely. Whereas among those who wisely declined the vaccines, 77% of adults believe it’s at least somewhat likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths. 

While 45% of the unvaccinated think someone they know personally might have died from vaccine side effects, only 22% of vaccinated adults know of a vaccine death making the population average a stunning 28%! 

Still more reason why boosters are being rejected

A close friend, 80 years old, had receive two original shots plus 3 boosters and just came down with a bad COVID infection. Remember that Clevaland Clinic data showed the more shots, the more infection!! 

With these survey results it is no surprise that uptake of boosters is very low, probably about 10 % specifically bivalent mRNA that failed in animal studies and skipped human trials. What is so remarkable about this survey is the failure of an extensive media and social media censorship campaign to hide side effects and deaths from COVID-19 vaccination. Word of mouth and the works oyof truth tellers are succeeding against government propaganda and is too strong for the FBI, HHS, CDC, and social media censorship staffers. Despite billions of dollars spent by fthe White House and HHS “COVID-19 Community Core” to push COVID-19 vaccination with physician associations, media, Hollywood, churches, professional sports, and community groups, nothing is more powerful than losing someone you know of to a well-understood and studied vaccine death such as anaphylaxis, myocarditis, blood clot, multi-system inflammatory disorder, intracranial hemorrhage, VITT, progression of atherosclerotic heart disease. 

Medical truth should prevail over propaganda. Accept the truth and reject COVID vaccines. 

Another survey 

The results are consistent with a Michigan State University survey conducted by Dr. Mark Skidmore a year ago which found 22% of respondents knew of someone with a severe health problem after COVID-19 vaccination. Things have only gotten worse over time. More shots, more deaths and illnesses.

High priority for new year: remove mRNA COVID vaccines from the market! Well informed people know this; and there is much support for this action.

Regular readers know that there has been enormous evidence on the many harmful impacts of the dominant COVID vaccines. When will the government and public health system accept reality? When will we switch to proven treatment alternatives? 

Do not lose hope. 

The evidence clearly calls for a recall of the COVID vaccines. 

Here are some excerpts from a key report from the World Council for Health: 


The total number of adverse events related to Covid-19 vaccines on VigiAccess, VAERS, Eudravigilance, and UK Yellow Card Scheme is unprecedented in each database. The magnitude of disparity in the number of adverse events compared to other commonly administered vaccines and therapies is sufficient to indicate an alarming safety signal for these products. 

Clinical trials are not completed. Phase 3 and Phase 4 clinical trials for Covid-19 injections are not complete. These phases of trials are designed to establish safety and efficacy and normally last from 10 – 15 years. These products are being used on billions of people, including children, during their clinical trial phase, and the vast majority are not being monitored. Their safety and efficacy is UNKNOWN. 6-month trial data showed more harm in the vaccinated group. 

In Pfizer’s largest clinical trial to date for these products, after 6 months: 

• there were 14 deaths in the placebo group and 20 deaths in the vaccine group; 

• there was a 300% increase in RELATED adverse events in the vaccine group. 

Covid-19 products do not function like other vaccines. 

• They do not prevent someone from contracting, spreading, or becoming ill with SARS-CoV-2. 

• Their effectiveness has waned significantly. 

• They are distributed throughout the entire body rather than staying in the arm the mRNA, which had never been used in humans prior to 2020, causes the body’s cells to produce harmful spike proteins for undetermined amounts of time. 

And here are some additional resources: 

Drs. Aseem Malhotra, Tess Lawrie, Ryan Cole, et al, World Council for Health: Vaccines Should be Halted, 2022 

UK MP Andrew Brigden Calls for COVID-19 Vaccine Halt, 2022 

Dr. John Campbell calls for Pause in COVID-19 vaccination, 2022 

Additional, important view: 

Dr. Masanori Fukushima, a professor emeritus at Kyoto University, presented a warning on November 25, 2022. In what frankly can be described as a bombshell acknowledgment given the pedigree of this physician-scientist in Japanese medical research circles, Fukushima declared that “the harm caused by vaccines is now a worldwide problem” and that “given the wide range of adverse events, billions of lives could ultimately be in danger.” …”Given the large number of people who have received vaccinations and given the wide range of adverse events, billions of lives could ultimately be in danger.”





Please go to my article regarding possible ways to detox from the Covid Shots by CLICKING HERE.

Take the following nutritionals steadily for prevention of Covid:
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Vitamin D3
Cats Claw

In an acute emergency, if you get Covid, Dr Ardis suggests taking low doses of nicotine in the form of losenges, gum, or patches for a few days until symptoms subside

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