The Satanists Who Carried Out The Coup Now Preside Over The Biggest Series Of Legal Experimental Deaths In World History As Doctor Warns A Satanic Cult Is Behind The Deadly Vax Push

– The Depths Of ‘The Evil’ Running America Is Enough To Make Joseph Goebbels Blush

We now know through the Twitter files that have been released that the FBI/CIA are totally corrupt and working against our citizenry. This explains many things over the years that seemed odd and when citizens questioned the occurrences they were called far right conspiracy nuts and then ignored and were thought to be forgotten. 

Today we have a rather simple revelation of a confluence of the three parts of our government in action. This has evolved over the past 100 years into total control by the financial class. 

The three groups are the politicians, the bureaucrats and the financial crowd in New York. Their motivations are similar enough to keep them all in line while ignoring the odd wayward deviation from the mutually agreed on program as a necessary blip. Their lusts are greed, personal power, fear of being left out or a combination of all of the above. The main revelation in this situation is that even the most religious socialist has to admit there has been corruption on the way to nerd-vana but he still feels it must be ignored so as not to deviate from the official dogma. 

The path towards our current social instability started with the union labor strikes in the late 19th century. The other wing was the finance industry providing needed funds to support the industries and their own control. Their movements were entirely disparate in the beginning but the Wall Street boys learned early on that by supplying money and support to both sides you always win. It was a long term concept with many a twist and turn but it has proven a fantastic investment. It has taken many decades for the curtain to be pulled aside but now the corruption is open for all that want to see through the Twitter releases. 

The last group that has most recently become involved is the DC bureaucracy. They have been expanding their power since FDR which was finally solidified by Nixon allowing an employee union. They will not let go until our empire falls or their heads do. The internal power struggle always continues with the bureaucrats and the politicians struggling to be number 1 boy to the financial set. They team up as necessary to unseat any deviation from the approved paths but since heretics arrive rarely, this is a minor difficulty.

The first obstacle was JFK who wanted to trim the CIA because of their disaster in Cuba and other failed missions. He also signed and executive order to reissue Silver Certificates which is THE big no-no! The Federal Reserve is the ultimate power in the world. A pleasant drive through Dallas was unfortunately interrupted. 

Nixon gave instructions for his staff to find out how many CIA people could be fired by presidential edict as he wanted to get rid of the personnel pipeline from the Ivy League as well as people who would not support his Vietnam policies. He believed the self-interested bureaucrats could not be trusted to fulfill his plans. Out comes Watergate. Bye Bye Tricky Dick!

Clinton declared that the “era of big government is over.” He tried to cover his tracks by repealing the Glass-Steagal banking system but the blob never forgets or trusts again. It was a simple matter to find a little girl in the closet to turn his wagon over.

Trump had to go as he threatened the status quo across the board which could turn back the clock on rule by the triumvirate if he delved too deeply into the catacombs of the empire. His worst characteristics were that he could not be blackmailed financially and was used to being abused by the media. They were taking no chances. The politicians and their staffs have been shown to be of low intellect and lower morality. The rotating think tanks are quite similar but also can be easily purchased. This combination would make Goebbels blush!

What does this have to do with Twitter? The revelation that the whole system is totally corrupt may finally have to be addressed by the people. The citizens have been asleep for decades or simply too busy trying to survive the filth and corruption that has been raining down for 80 years to actually take the time to understand the situation. The purchased media has finally been revealed as a huge propaganda machine to even the most obtuse socialist. 

We now also know that our election system is totally corrupted. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona have placed a searchlight upon that rotten edifice called voting. The printing of money to line the pockets of the retiring Congress is abhorrent to most people. The proxy war in Ukraine supports a huge money funnel back into Congress which has to do the bidding of a naked piano player from Ukraine because they have left themselves open for blackmail as usual. 

We know the Chinese have bought their way into the White House, Congress, Health Department and of course the university system. The borders are guarded by men armed with megaphones and bus tickets. Homosexuals and other freaks are in charge of the future generations in our schools. The biggest series of legal experimental deaths in history has been regulated by our own health department under the pay of drug companies. 

Finally, the world dominance of our financial system is finished. This in and of itself may begin a realignment of the globe with the bankers having to create a new alliance system. It may crack the edifice of our abusers, I mean government. The curtain has been raised a bit….. 

The Madame





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