Globalist mouthpieces lock public comments as Twitter begins allowing discussion

Can Gates, Clinton, Pfizer, Bourla withstand debate without censor protection?

As Twitter begins easing censorship, establishment mouthpieces no longer protected by Twitter content policy are disabling public comments. 

Hillary Clinton’s account, for example, has had comments to the public turned off on nearly all tweets since December 2nd, save for a Sunday tweet about maternal health. 

Bill Gates has turned off comments on tweets stretching back to October 19th

Pfizer has done the same for tweets since December 6th, and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has turned off comments on tweets since November 1st.  

Globalist figureheads relied on Twitter’s censorship apparatus to further their agenda, though the mechanism has now been exposed through the release of The Twitter Files. Twitter executives protected pharmaceutical executive Bourla so thoroughly, for example, that one user was suspended for posting an irreverent tweet about the pharma mogul. 

Federal science was also under Twitter protection. When one of the world’s top scientists named Andrew Bostom shared a peer-reviewed study showing a decrease in sperm motility following the Pfizer shot, the science expert was suspended

Politicians like Hillary Clinton also relied on Twitter executives to shut down opposition, which was exactly what Twitter executives Yoel Roth and Vijaya Gadde did during the 2020 presidential election by banning the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story. Clinton, who instructed Biden not to concede the election “under any circumstances,” has also benefited from having all questions about the integrity of the 2020 election scrubbed from the platform while her own claims that Trump stole the 2016 election remain on the site. 

Globalist forces were also deeply embedded within the Twitter infrastructure. After Musk assumed ownership and control of the platform it was revealed that the company was employing a UN Human Rights Team whose sole mission was to carry out the UN’s bidding. Specifically, the team was responsible for implementing the UN’s human rights agenda to protect users “at-risk in global conflicts and crises,” as well as journalists. 

After Musk fired the UN Human Rights Team, it became clear that the UN was used to content being censored on its behalf. The UN’s Human Rights office tried to reclaim its influence on the platform with a series of tweets directed at Musk; the organization began by insisting that Musk protect free speech “across the globe” and then urged Musk to censor unapproved speech. 

Musk has also pledged to rid the platform of bots, or fake accounts, which are used to boost numbers of followers and add automated comments to certain posts that can either agree or disagree. Nearly 50% of Joe Biden’s followers, for instance, have been found to be fake. 


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