Something Very Strange Is Going On: Different Vaccines Causing Different Types Of Death? ‘Medical Emergency’  Live On-Air Just The Latest In An Ever-Growing List Of Incidents The MSM Would Like You To Ignore

Atlanta Hawks announcer starts convulsing on-air

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.” – Bill Gates, 2010 Ted Talk

As most ANP readers already know there have been an unprecedented number of of people described to have “died suddenly,” and others captured on video collapsing and convulsing. Also unprecedented, is the amount of athletes suffering heart issues, and dropping dead, young and older.

This phenomenon has been increasing in frequency over the past two years, leaving many to believe that the timing of using experimental vaccines for COVID-19, and the countless number of “medical emergencies,” for people not at high risk of the anomalies that befell them, are not coincidental.

The vaccines created for COVID-19 had no long term testing, making it impossible to know what type of long term effects the experimental vaccine could cause, contrary to their assertions that they just know. No proof offered. The populace is just expected to believe them because they say so.

Comforting, yes? No.

The video below is the latest example of someone having an on-air “medical emergency.”

Sportscaster Bob Rathbun suffered an on-air medical emergency during an Atlanta Hawks basketball game. Rathbun slowly slumped in his chair and then started to convulse while commentating on the game. As Rathbun loses consciousness, someone off-camera reaches in to help him as the camera cuts away.

Now, for the kicker:

His rep said in a statement to Inside Edition that the 68-year-old announcer “briefly lost consciousness on the court.” “Emergency medical professionals on-site quickly treated Rathbun for dehydration,” the statement continued.

Now, according to the MAYO Clinic, and other medical websites, the symptoms of dehydration do not include convulsions or seizures.


• Extreme thirst

• Less frequent urination

• Dark-colored urine

• Fatigue

• Dizziness

• Confusion

When to see a doctor

Call your family doctor if you or a loved one:

• Has had diarrhea for 24 hours or more

• Is irritable or disoriented and much sleepier or less active than usual

• Can’t keep down fluids

• Has bloody or black stool

Others state that if the dehydration is severe enough it can cause seizures, but the condition would have to be so severe, the absence of any signs before leaning back, eyes unfocused, and then convulsing, means this example shown above does not qualify.

Before moving along to different symptoms and deaths caught on camera, and the speculation and theories as to the reasons, one more video of live events of people, including athletes generally in great physical condition, just collapsing/dying, and/or clutching their hearts in panic, in order to show the frequency this has been happening.


The national media won’t show these compilations, so Independent Media must make sure the general public sees what is happening.

Over the course of the past few months we have seen speculation based on the increasing recurrence of these bizarre episodes, most of which highlighting the “coincidence” of these incidents happening to those that have received the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.


Back on November 3, 2022, Stefan Stanford authored an article which highlighted deaths showing different symptoms before the victims fall , again captured on video, where he discussed the possibility of nontechnology being responsible.

In that piece we saw a high number of people “dying suddenly,” but the images showed yet another abnormality.

Rather than just convulsing, or collapsing in death, these people all would start looking over their shoulders, turning around and around before falling down and convulsing before dying.

Above is a short GIF Stefan created from the compilation video he provided. 

In watching a number of compilation videos, including those shown by Stefan, and the video shown above, begs the questions of why?

Why do some look over their should, turn in circles, flail and then fall, convulse and die, while others simply “drop dead,” with no warning or other signs before hand?

In a piece by Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at New York University, we see suggestive evidence that the different irregularities appear to coincide with the different types of COVID vaccines the individuals are using.

For example, the majority of those “who slowly turn, and, often, flail in panic at the air, as if a flying demon were attacking them, and then drop dead,”  are mostly in China, or a country that uses the “Sinovac” vaccine.

We have seen the flying demon strike in some few videos from outside China; but maybe they were also jabbed with Sinovac. Take this recent one (which was included in the batch I posted yesterday) of a woman dropping dead while doing exercises in a gym in Ecuador. Note that, just before she dies, she starts to make that startled turn:

We have seen the flying demon strike in some few videos from outside China; but maybe they were also jabbed with Sinovac. Take this recent one (which was included in the batch I posted yesterday) of a woman dropping dead while doing exercises in a gym in Ecuador. Note that, just before she dies, she starts to make that startled turn:


I checked; and, sure enough, Ecuador is using Sinovac:

A couple quick searches for information on Sinovac, and we see that as of a few days ago, Germany is allowing Sinovac to be used, but only on Chinese citizens.

BERLIN, Dec 7 (Reuters) – German health minister Karl Lauterbach has granted a permit allowing China’s Sinovac (SVA.O) COVID-19 vaccine to be imported to Germany from Wednesday, but it will only be given to Chinese citizens in that country, the Spiegel magazine reported.

It is probably a good idea to watch and see if the same abnormalities occur in Germany in the coming months/year.

Below is another recent video published of the same type of incident.https:


We have seen the “Suddenly Died” documentary and while there are different opinions about a variety of things shown in the documentary, it is useful as more evidence of something very strange going on.

Something the national media does not want to report the extent of. 

Something that begs number of questions to which no “official” answers have been forthcoming, but which any individual, after observing just a small fraction of events shown in the videos above, would reasonably be concerned about the answers.

How many on-air emergencies, sudden deaths, and other abnormalities, the frequency of which has only been seen since most of the world were convinced into taking the COVID vaccines, have to occur before the media stops treating legitimate questions as “misinformation?”


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