A Fiery End To The Year, An Explosive Sign Of What’s To Come

The week after Thanksgiving is off to a fiery start—literally. Mauna Loa on Hawaii’s Big Island, the world’s largest active volcano, has erupted for the first time since 1984. And how fitting given how much the post-COVID world of 2022 resembles George Orwell’s secular prophecies in his infamous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four about humanity’s dystopian future of mass surveillance, mass manipulation, and government power run amok. This of course is to be expected as the pages of Holy Writ declare. The future grows bleaker, darker than ever before (Mt. 24:21Am. 5:18–20), prior to the light of Christ dawning on the world at His return. It must get worse before it gets better. All the biblical prophets were in unanimous agreement on this point, much to the consternation of the dominionists and Pelagians among us.

From the last eruption of Mauna Loa on April 15, 1984 to this eruption, which began yesterday, were exactly 2,015 weeks. Alphabetically, the 2,015th word in the New Testament is epiphaneia (“appearance, manifestation, glorious display”)—the word the Apostle Paul uses to describe Christ’s return in four different epistles (2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus). Mauna Loa’s last eruption was also 30 years to the day before the first blood moon (total lunar eclipse) in the 2014–2015 blood moon tetrad, which occurred on April 15, 2014. Jesus was about 30 when He began His ministry and a majority of scholars now think Jesus was crucified in April of 30 AD. In light of the Shmita cycle, which either ended this Fall or will end next Fall—thus beginning a new seven-year period—2030 is a very reasonable possibility for the second advent of the Lord Jesus—2,000 years after the year in which most scholars think He died.

Perhaps the eruption of Mauna Loa in the heart of the Ring of Fire, likened to the earth’s “birth canal,” signals the imminent birth of the corporate manchild into Heaven and the key events that shortly follow: the revealing of the Antichrist and his rise to power, global war, economic collapse, and the terrible events of the Tribulation.

But the eruption on the Big Island is but the periphery of a sea of tumultuous events that began or continued this week:

Turkey is now ready to invade northern Syria

China is suddenly experiencing near-open revolt—the largest protests and riots since Tiananmen

Massive protests in Brazil continue after Bolsonaro’s narrow election loss

Russia backs out of nuke disarmament talks

Other cryptos starting to collapse following the FTX debacle: BlockFI declares bankruptcy

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are suddenly being trialed and adopted worldwide, putting in place an economic system of total control just in time for the arrival of the Antichrist and his mark

Israel nearing a new government and talk grows of Temple Mount status quo change

Taliban ends ceasefire in Pakistan, orders nationwide attacks

Putin endorses a new system for international settlements based on digital currencies and blockchain technology and Musk’s Twitter purchase and potential revival of X.com seem to be moves to sideline the dollar and rapidly implement a global digital currency

As we near 2023 and rapture speculation grows much louder, it should be noted that this coming year we will likely witness the slaughtering of one or more of the five qualified red heifers in Israel in preparation for the Third Temple. We’ll also see the opening of the apostate Abrahamic Family House as a potent symbol and potential headquarters of a globalized, anti-Christian religious system.

Furthermore, Israel will likely have in place its most religious government since the founding of the modern state—exactly the government you would expect to implement a return to the Mosaic system and reconstruction of the Temple in the aftermath of the rapture. This government will also likely initiate a regional war with Iran in a matter of months in an attempt to knock out the country’s nuclear program.

Finally, global supply chains, food processing facilities, and economic institutions are truly on the verge of collapse, paving the way for the final prophetic scenario that follows. Everything seems to be in place, but it’s up to creation’s Sovereign to press the go button. Time is fleeting. If you’re not ready for what’s coming, get ready now. Don’t wait another day.


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