Polish Mercenaries fighting FOR Ukraine, BURNING BIBLES of Russian Orthodox Church

Video has emerged from inside Ukraine of Polish Mercenaries, hired to fight FOR Ukraine, BURNING BIBLES of the Orthodox Church! Also, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine began raiding Orthodox Churches, “detaining” Priests and offering to trade them for Ukrainian troops captured by Russia!

We begin with the video of the Polish mercs burning Orthodox Bibles:

This comes on the heels of our earlier story (HERE) of Intelligence Officials in Ukraine essentially kidnapping Orthodox Priests and trying to trade them for captured Ukrainian soldiers.

It now seems clear that at the highest and lowest levels of Ukraine, they are literally going after Christians; or at least those with ties to the Moscow Patriarchate of Ukraine’s Orthodox Church.

Said one casual observer of the situation “The NAZI’s are taking on God.”


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