BBC Reports “Nuke-Capable” Missiles Fired By Russia — 14 DAYS After Hal Turner Radio Show!

The reason people subscribe to this web site is because routinely, I report actual, factual, news well BEFORE the “main-stream media.”  Rarely, however, does the “main-stream media” take THIS long . . . 14 days! 

On November 17, I reported:

COVERT INTEL – “Nuclear” Cruise Missile Shot Down Over Kiev This Morning.  

That story is located HERE.

Just minutes ago, around 4:00 PM eastern U.S. Time today, December 1, 2022, the BBC reports:

Ukraine war: Kyiv displays dud nuclear-capable missile fired by Russia

That BBC story can be viewed HERE

It only took the so-called “main-stream media” fourteen DAYS to get you a white-washed version of my story.

I thought you should see that value you get from THIS web site, and why you should subscribe for the whopping $1 a week HERE


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