Polish “Mercenaries” Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near Bakhmut

An altercation has taken place between Polish “Mercenaries” fighting FOR Ukraine, and Ukrainian Army officers commanding them. The Polish Mercs and a grouping of about ten thousand Romanian “Mercenaries” also fighting for Ukraine, were allegedly ordered by Ukrainian Army officers to attack Russian positions around Bakhmut.  Fierce fighting has been going on there for weeks and Ukraine is losing.

The Polish “Mercs” told the Ukrainian Army Officers it would be suicide for them and the Romanians to go attack, everyone else who has done so has been slaughtered by the fortified Russian positions. 

The Ukrainians then allegedly told the Polish either attack or WE will kill you for Mutinyat which point the Polish drew their weapons and KILLED the Ukrainian commanders.

Details right now are very sketchy and people in-the-know are very unwilling to talk about this.  It’s all very hush-hush and likely to stay that way.

More if I get it . . .


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