Video: American Troops in Poland Asked “Are you here to spread Sodomy?” – Told “It’s your Number One Export”

American military troops visiting a shopping mall in Poland, were asked “Are you here to spread sodomy” and were told ‘It’s your number one export.”  They were also asked “How do you feel that your Secretary of Health is a tranny?” and further berated when asked “How does it feel defending a country where it means nothing to be a citizen?” clearly a reference to the open southern border between US and Mexico.

It was startling to hear such blunt questions being hurled at US troops overseas; especially when the country they’re in allegedly needs their protection from . . . big, bad Russia.  Yet, the questions seem based in ugly facts.

Here’s the video:

Not only is our nation being Bankrupted by illegitimate President Biden and the illegitimate US Congress that turned a blind eye to the 2020 election fraud to seat him as President, we’re becoming the laughingstock of the world with the bizarre and disgusting realities taking place within our own country.


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