Genocide And The Annihilation Of The Human Race By The Trans-Humanists Has Gone Ballistic! WEF Globalists Seek To Abolish Christianity, Replacing It With Their New ‘Trans-human Religion’

– Whistleblower Warns: Vax Wasn’t Created To Solve Pandemic But Pandemic Was Created To Vax People

We spoke on Monday in this story titled “With America Already Going Through The 10 Stages Of Genocide, Doctors Warn We’re About To See One Of The Biggest Die-Offs Of All Time” about the ongoing genocide here upon Americans and people across the planet via the ‘kill shot‘ and while we briefly mentioned the ‘who‘ carrying out this ‘stealth butchering‘ of humanity, we’ll be focusing much more deeply upon just WHO in this new ANP story. 

Starting off with a name most Americans have still never heard of in 2022, one Yuval Harari, and his ties to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their ‘Great Reset‘ for our planet being heavily pushed by the globalists and Klaus Schwab, we’ll specifically be looking at Harari’s plans for a ‘trans-humanist future‘ for the world as pointed out in this story titled “Coronavirus and the transhuman future.”

Warning in that story, which we’ll explore in much more detail in the next section of this story below, that “While most of humanity is still in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, the highly influential members of the World Economic Forum have a plan for what should come next. It is called ‘The Great Reset’, and it envisions a truly ‘transhumanist’ future for us all,” we see that the globalists have been planning this out for a very long time. 

Spoken of in depth in this November of 2017 story over at Forbes (saved at Wayback Machine) titled “Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030,” we also see in this May of 2018 story at The Guardian titled No death and an enhanced life: Is the future trans-human?” a key ‘selling point’ being used by the globalists now pushing this abomination, the globalists bogus promise of ‘eternal life‘ though we’re all well aware that ‘machines‘ have ‘ending points,’ too. 

Briefly, from this Guardian story.:

The aims of the transhumanist movement are summed up by Mark O’Connell in his book To Be a Machine, which last week won the Wellcome Book prize. “It is their belief that we can and should eradicate ageing as a cause of death; that we can and should use technology to augment our bodies and our minds; that we can and should merge with machines, remaking ourselves, finally, in the image of our own higher ideals.”

The idea of technologically enhancing our bodies is not new. But the extent to which transhumanists take the concept is. In the past, we made devices such as wooden legs, hearing aids, spectacles and false teeth. In future, we might use implants to augment our senses so we can detect infrared or ultraviolet radiation directly or boost our cognitive processes by connecting ourselves to memory chips. Ultimately, by merging man and machine, science will produce humans who have vastly increased intelligence, strength, and lifespans; a near embodiment of gods. Is that a desirable goal? 

Advocates of transhumanism believe there are spectacular rewards to be reaped from going beyond the natural barriers and limitations that constitute an ordinary human being. But to do so would raise a host of ethical problems and dilemmas. As O’Connell’s book indicates, the ambitions of transhumanism are now rising up our intellectual agenda. But this is a debate that is only just beginning. 

So while those who choose for themselves to merge their bodies with machines will no longer be fully human, as we’ll see in this story section, the globalists seek to take that CHOICE away from us, and have been clearly using the COVID pandemic and these hastily-created and deadly vaxxes to do so.  

Hastily-created as pointed out in a comment in this ANP story comment section by our reader AfChief, “No vax for HIV/AIDS after 40 years of research. No vax for cancer after 100 years of research. No vax for the Common Cold, And yet a virus mysteriously appears and within 12 months a vax is found by FOUR Big Pharma companies all within a week of each other and they are still trying to get people to take it?!?!?!!?!?!?!? More PROOF the SHEEPLE ARE STUPID!!!”

Yet we shouldn’t be at all surprised as warned of in this January of 2021 story over at the European Academy on Religion and Society titled “Coronavirus and the transhuman future,” from which we’ll repeat this warning from above for emphasis: “While most of humanity (was) still in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, the highly influential members of the World Economic Forum had a plan for what should come next. It is called ‘The Great Reset’, and it envisions a truly ‘transhumanist’ future for us all.

And with the globalists PROVEN to be using ‘nanotechnologies‘ in these vaxxes they’ve forced people to get if they wanted to keep their jobs, and even the Washington Post now admitting those vaxxes aren’t working to stop people from getting nor dying from COVID, actually reporting that ‘the vaxxed‘ now make up the majority of COVID deaths, how many of those people are actually dying from ‘the vax?‘ As we’ll see in this excerpt from this European Academy of Religion and Society story, this is all going just as the transhumanist globalists planned. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an annual conference where some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world come together for ‘public-private cooperation’. Since mid-2020, the WEF has been promoting its vision for our post-coronavirus future, which they call ‘The Great Reset’. In their view, the pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of our old system, and therefore presents a perfect opportunity to ‘reset’ our world and start anew. What is striking about this plan, which the WEF has condensed into a virus-shaped mindmap, is its implicit endorsement of a philosophy called ‘transhumanism’. The term is not used explicitly, but its values and goals can be seen at every level of the plan. Now, according to some, transhumanism is not just a new philosophy, but a new religion that will be the dominant worldview of humanity going forward.  

What is transhumanism? 

In a nutshell, transhumanism is a philosophical movement that promotes the view that the human species should take control of its own evolution through human-enhancement technologies, such as brain implants and nanotechnology that reverses ageing. This will then allow humanity to transcend its physical and mental limitations. The term itself was first coined in 1957 by Julian Huxley; the brother of Aldous Huxley, the famous author of the dystopian novel Brave New World.  

Transhumanism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

Now, one of the three main goals of the Great Reset agenda is “to harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good…” As the founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, explains, the Fourth Industrial Revolution “will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities.” He specifically considers technologies that will change what it means to be human, because they will integrate into the human body and mind in order to overcome (‘transcend’) their limitations. Sound familiar? As Schwab himself admits, these new technologies can also “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior…”  While these technologies seem like science fiction, they are nearly at our doorstep. 

In fact, much of the pandemic response effort relies on Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, such as genetic sequencing, vaccine biotechnology (mRNA and vector platforms), and contact tracing (mass surveillance) software. Social distancing measures have also forced people to replace their physical world with a virtual one, including digital versions of school, church, shopping, and even parties.  While this has been a terrible loss for most people, this digitalization of our lives (including COV-id apps and digital currency) is part of the WEF’s vision for our future, and therefore, in their view, might be quite desirable.

And as we briefly mentioned above, the globalists are now pushing transhumanism as the new religion. With ANP also warning in our ‘10 stages of genocide‘ story that those carrying out genocide always seek to completely abolish the religions of those they are butchering, we see that Yuval Harari is also pushing ‘transhumanists‘ as ‘super-human,’ as if they’ll be much better than the rest of us ‘mere humans‘. 

Transhumanism as a new religion 

While approaching transhumanism as a religion-like phenomenon is already very revealing, some argue that transhumanism should be treated as a new religion in its own right. Yuval Noah Harari promotes this idea in his book Homo Deus, where he defines religion as “anything that confers superhuman legitimacy on human social structures.”  He distinguishes between two types of transhumanist techno-religions: techno-humanism and  dataism (data religion). In the first view, technologically enhanced humans (homo deus) will replace biological humans (homo sapiens), or develop a hierarchical, class-based relationship with them.  

In the second view, humanity as such is replaced by new kinds of digital entities, such as an all-knowing, self-aware AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has no more use for us. In this future, data (information processing) would replace God or human nature as the ultimate source of meaning and authority in the universe. A self-improving superintelligent AI (aka ‘the singularity’) would know us better than we know ourselves, and would therefore function as a kind of omniscient oracle or sovereign to which we make humble offerings in exchange for the solutions to all our problems. Perhaps Google and Facebook will become our new gods? Harari seems to think it is possible.  

And as we mentioned briefly above, with transhumanism-pushing Harari and the globalists pushing for either a hierarchal relationship with ‘mere humans‘ or having no more use for us all, therefore finding the human species largely expendable, it’s easy to see where we’re headed if we stay on this path.

As pointed out in this June of 2021 story titled “Transhumanism and future of humanity towards digital slavery ,” the human race is quickly being herded towards full-scale digital slavery, just as warned of in the first video below by Air Force Colonel Carlos Vara de Ray who warns us quite bluntly: “It has not been a vaccine to solve a pandemic but on the contrary, a pandemic has been created in order to vaccinate people. That’s what worries me the most.”

Brave new world order 

We have stepped into the new world with new advents like robots, genetic engineering, virtual reality (VR), brain and space exploration, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, cybernetics and synthetic biology to name a few developments. Esoterics, who were unable to evolve spiritually due to being on the wrong path, are realizing it physically and synthetically through technology, almost like a magician. 

Well, what will we do when the day comes that a chip is implanted into our brain like in “The Matrix,” or when drugs in the movies “Lucy” and “Limitless” are introduced into the market? Will we resist or will we form queues in front of stores like when a new phone model comes out? I believe the second possibility will become a reality. After all, we live in a Brave New World, one where we are unwilling to give up our phones and internet, even after reading this article, and slavery is relished. As Elon Musk said, we have already turned into cyborgs thanks to computers and smartphones, which we cannot drop or operate without. All that remains is to install these technologies beneath the skin’s surface.

Yet as Kathleen Gotto had pointed out in this November 1st ANP story titled “Highly Advanced Nanotechnology Is At ‘The Tip Of The Needle!’ – Fully Programmable And Self-Assembling Tech Used In Vaxxes As Globalists Move Towards Completing The Gilgamesh Project,” those technologies ARE NOW being placed under the skin of the vaxxed, without their knowledge!

And as Ethan Huff warns in this November 22nd story titled “Self-Assembling Nanotechnology Has Been Around Since At Least 2001,” none of this is much of a surprise to those who’ve been paying attention to where we’ve been headed. With that Ethan Huff story originally reported here at Natural News, lets take a look below at the ties between these nanotechnologies, COVID and the vaxxes.  

In its November-December 2001 issue, Harvard Magazine published an exposé called “Liquid Computing” that highlighted a then-new technology in which nanoparticles were able to self-assemble into a computer when exposed to liquid. 

The technology was developed by none other than Charles Lieber, who in early 2020 at the start of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic was charged alongside two Chinese nationals for aiding the People’s Republic of China in developing bioweapons in Wuhan. 

Lieber was convicted in December 2021 on six felony charges related to his receipt of millions of dollars in research funding from China. In early February 2022, he filed a motion for an acquittal or a new trial that was denied. His sentencing date is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2023. 

Before all this, though, Harvard praised Lieber for developing something that was new to all of us with the Operation Warp Speed “vaccines,” but that has apparently been around for more than two decades. In short, Lieber’s decades-old technology appears to have finally found a use in covid shots.

Also warning that Lieber’s work was incorporated into the COVID vaxxes that Biden and the globalists pushed upon Americans and people around the world, this is no doubt headed in the direction of the globalists using these new technologies, being forced into people, to transform them into ‘non-human-beings.’ 

How much of Lieber’s work was incorporated into covid shots? 

Harvard Magazine pointed out that Lieber’s work ran contrary to that of other scientists in the nanotechnology field. Instead of using a top-down approach, or taking something big and making it smaller, Lieber used a bottom-up approach, or taking something small and making it bigger. 

Using wires only three nanometers across, Lieber was able to produce “relatively cheaply” using “a few thousand dollars worth of equipment” a nano-sized circuit board that when immersed in liquid and poured onto a desktop formed automatically into a computer. 

“Sound like science fiction?” Harvard Magazine asked at the time. 

What Lieber developed was a nanowire structure capable of forming in virtually any “flavor,” meaning he was able to make different self-assembling nanowire computers using different liquid solutions. 

“The potential application in microelectronics is obvious: the minute size of these building blocks allows for higher transistor densities, which could lead, at least in principle, to more highly integrated and powerful computers,” Harvard Magazine explained. 

“In 10 or 20 years there might be no more need for hard disks because solid-state memory could store so much data.” 

It turns out they were right: we now have solid-state memory drives just as predicted. We also have new “vaccines” that independent researchers believe contain the very self-assembling nanowires and microscopic computer chips that Lieber helped develop. 

Could it be that Lieber’s technology is the very thing being used in Fauci Flu shots to self-assemble tiny computers inside the bodies of the “fully vaccinated?” Lieber did, after all, state back in 2001 that his nanotechnology development allows for the creation of “fundamentally new properties that you can’t even conceive of when dealing with conventional materials by scaling them down.” 

“Normally a molecule binding to the surface of a transistor wouldn’t have a big effect,” he went on to explain. “But imagine a protein with a charge on it coming up to something very small, where the surface is a big component. You bring this charged body up, and it biologically or chemically switches the transistor. In essence, you can electrically detect when you have a protein, a nucleic acid, or anything else.” 

This sensor was tested in a “proof of concept” experiment involving prostate cancer detection. It was also stated at the time that Lieber’s technology allowed for the creation of a “centimeter-square chip to detect a billion things simultaneously, even variations in an individual’s DNA.”

So as mentioned briefly above, the first video below takes a look at transhumanism being forced upon people by ‘the jab,’ which as has been reported time and again in the independent news, has been also killing people by the 10’s of thousands in the process after Biden and the CDC fraudulently claimed vaccines stop transmission

And as we’re warned in the 2nd/final video below, this is all more evidence that the COVID vaxxes contain mRNA-modifying and self-replicating CRISPR nano-technology, nothing less than the globalists ‘Mark of the Beast Technology‘ being forced upon humanity, without our choice, for those who survive the currently ongoing genocidal culling taking place all across the planet. 




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