Ukrainian Nazi troops have committed a war crime of slaughtering surrendering Russian Troops.  The Russians were dis-armed, laying face-down on the ground, when Ukrainian Nazis opened fire upon them, killing them all.  Video of the slaughter appears below . . .

According to sources on the scene, soldiers from the Ukrainian 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade, committed the murders.  According to eye witnesses, the names and surnames of the killers are known and the information has been passed to the Russian Army.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement: “The Russian Federation demands, from International Organizations, to condemn the crime of Ukraine, with the Execution of Russian prisoners of war, and conduct an investigation.”

Here now is actual video of the Russian soldiers SURRENDERING.  CAUTION: GRAPHIC VIDEO SHOWING ACTUAL WAR CRIME DEATHS!   Viewers will see the Russians are dis-armed, and laying face-down on the ground, when the Ukrainians open fire and kill them all:

Bear in mind that the Ukraine Army is the one being backed by the United States and by the European Union.   That Ukrainian Army is carrying out cold-blooded murder, in the name of, and with the direct help of, the people backing them. 

Is THIS what YOU thought your government was backing?   It is!


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