LIVE UPDATES: Another Massive Round of Russian Missiles Hitting NAZI Ukraine

After 100 or so Russian missiles rained down on NAZI Ukraine on November 15th, most folks breathes a sigh of relief that it was over. Turns out, it’s NOT!  This morning another round of Russian missiles is hitting targets in NAZI Ukraine.

Air Raid sirens are sounding throughout much of the country, in areas shown in red above.

Government is using TV and radio to tell citizens to store up emergency water, and charge-up whatever devices they have while there is still electricity; albeit in very few places in the country as of now.

Cruise missiles are flying over Kiev, and other cities, with the massive rumble of explosions.   The NAZI government of Ukraine is being slammed again – right now.

UPDATES to follow below.  This story posted 7:26 AM eastern US Time, November 17.


Russia launched a massive missile attack on the infrastructure of the Odessa region, Governor Maxim Marchenko says

The Prime Minister of Ukraine said that new Russian missile strikes are aimed at gas production.

Russia is attacking the Southern Machine-Building Plant in Dnipro and gas production facilities, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal says.

Naftogaz of Ukraine announced massive attacks on gas production infrastructure in eastern Ukraine, several facilities destroyed.

New Russian Misslie Wave…Explosions Dnipro, Odesa , Polteva, lviv,Cherkasy, Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv., more…

Latest wave of  kinetic strikes this morning on critical energy infrastructure and gas production facilities in:








At least 50 missiles were launched so far …

Ukraine launching retaliatory missile strikes against Belgorad, Russia! 

More retaliatory missile strikes against Crimea, Russia. Explosions on a Russian airfield in Dzhankoi, Crimea, shown on map below. Several fighter aircraft were damaged.

VIDEO: Russian air base on Crimea, hit badly.  Major damage as seen in video below:

Critical infrastructure facilities were hit by the Russian missile attack in the Izyum district of the Kherson region, according to local authorities.

Now over 60 missiles and now here come the kamikaze drones to attack Ukraine.


Russians launch missile attack on logistics facility in Odesa – 1 civilian wounded

Russian troops shelled the Odesa region from the Black Sea with Kalibr and air-launched missiles from tactical aircraft.

Naftogaz of Ukraine announced explosions at several gas infrastructure, several facilities were destroyed.

This is an attack by cruise missiles from Tu-95 strategic bombers. As a rule, they attack from Volgodonsk, this is the Rostov region, with cruise missiles of the X-101, X-555 type.”

Said spokesperson of Ukrainian Airforce on today’s attacks.

9:45 AM EST — Things seem to be quiet now . . . 


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