“Now the World Knows Who Owns Canada”: Xi Scolds Trudeau Over Leaked Conversation In Front of Crowd at G20 Summit

“Conversation reveals Xi’s dismissive view of Canada: a country to be lectured and threatened.

CCP leader Xi Jinping scolded Canadian PM Justin Trudeau over a leaked conversation in front of a massive crowd at this year’s G20 Summit.

“Everything that we discussed has been leaked to the paper,” said Jinping’s translator to Trudeau. “That’s not appropriate.”

“And that’s not the way the conversation was conducted. If there is…”

Trudeau timidly interrupted with generic talking points about how discourse is ostensibly run in the west:

“In Canada, we believe in free and open and frank dialogue and that is what we’ll continue to have,” said Trudeau. “We will continue to work constructively together but there will be things we disagree on.”

Jinping then promptly ended the meeting by making it clear their next discussion will have strings attached:

“That’s great, the conditions first.”

Critics were quick to analyze how poorly the confrontation made Canada & Trudeau look:

“Now the world knows who owns Canada,” said Citizen Free Press.

Jack Posobiec, the senior editor for Human Events, said Trudeau looked like a “junior employee.”

“Chairman Xi dresses down Justin Trudeau like a junior employee for leaking their private conversation to the media,” said Posobiec. Trudeau can barely walk after.”

Senior Correspondent for CBC Canada, Saša Petricic, called out Trudeau’s body language:

“Body language in side conversation between Canadian PM Trudeau and Chinese leader Xi Jinping speaks volumes about Xi’s current dismissive view of Canada: a country to be lectured and threatened.”


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