Ukraine Voted Against Israel at the UN, Siding with Russia & Iran

Alexey Arestovych. It was a “grave mistake.”

Ukraine sided with Russian and Iran in a vote against Israel in the anti-Semitic UN. This drew an angry reaction from a lot of people, including Barry Shaw, Director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. Zelensky’s aide called Ukraine’s vote a “grave mistake.”


We hear non-stop criticism from President Zelensky that Israel is not doing enough to help Ukraine in its war against Russia, brushing aside the delicate diplomatic and defense dilemma that Israel faces from Russia in its problems in Syria against Iran.

But over the weekend, Ukraine, once again, voted against Israel in a motion that called for Israel to be dragged to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for “illegal occupation of Palestinian land.”

What is strange about Ukraine’s decision to stab Israel in the back is that Zelensky’s country sided with both Russia and Iran in this vote, the ones who are bombing Ukraine, instead of siding with Israel.

But this is not surprising given Ukraine’s appalling record of anti-Israel voting at the UN.

This was the 124th time that Ukraine has either voted against Israel (97 times) or abstained (27 times).

It has NEVER voted in favor of Israel. Perhaps it is in Israel’s interest to oppose Ukraine’s occupation of territory claimed by Russia?

Because this is exactly what Ukraine just did to Israel’s legitimacy in our ancient homeland. Perhaps Zelensky’s next move will be to join Australia’s Penny Wong in denying Israel’s rights to Jerusalem as our eternal and sovereign capital.

Zelensky’s Aide Called It a “Grave Mistake”

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s personal aide, Alexey Arestovych, said Sunday that Ukraine’s recent support of a United Nations resolution against Israel was “a grave mistake.”

In an online Livestream, the close aide to the Ukrainian premier said, “Ukraine’s foreign ministry’s position was illogical and unacceptable.”

“We’re teaming up with Russia and Iran, who are attacking us and distancing ourselves from Israel — which we want as an ally,” Aristovich said.

“Ukraine must at least abstain from such votes,” he added.


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