Mr. Xi’s Military Vs. Mr. Biden’s Ideology

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There is at least one country in the world that realizes what its military is for—to fight wars. Unfortunately, that country is not the United States under Joe Biden. It is the People’s Republic of China under Xi Jinping.

From Epoch Times: Xi recently made a speech where he ordered the Chinese military to “comprehensively strengthen its preparation for war.” It seems China has a new hypersonic missile that it can unleash on anybody it doesn’t like. Which is everybody.

The Party’s military, according to the dictator, “must train for any war and be prepared for unforeseen conflicts.” To do that, the Chinese military machine must “devote ALL its energy towards combat readiness” (emphasis mine, MKL) and “enhance its capabilities to fight and win.” The CCP intends for its military to implement “the Party’s idea of strengthening the army in the new era.” Mr. Xi delivered this speech on November 8, the same day the American people voted in a way that probably will NOT enhance America’s military very much.

Mr. Xi hasn’t gotten the memo yet from the Biden administration that the military is supposed to go woke, that it is more important to introduce transgender and other binary ideologies to soldiers, and to warn them about dangerous terrorist philosophies like “white supremacy” (maybe “Han supremacy” in China). Preparing for war? Putting together the leanest, meanest fighting machine possible? Nah. That’s an old hat. Biden needs to tell Xi to get with the globalist program.  

Mr. Xi made his speech during an inspection and display of Chinese military might. They showed off a new fighter jet and unveiled that new hypersonic missile which could obliterate lots of American military trannies.

Also on display was China’s most advanced airplane, the so-called J-20 stealth craft, modeled on the American F-35, which means they stole it from us or were given the plans by some nice Democratic Congressman who was having a fling with a Red Chinese honeybun. The author of the Epoch Times article even said that the J-20 was “likely made with stolen design technologies.” He has more confidence in Congress than I do. But he knows the Chinese.

The United States certainly does have extremely advanced military technology. The question is, do we have anyone who knows how to operate it, or will we in the future since none of the services can meet their recruitment goals, thanks to Joe Biden’s unbelievable, never-ending stupidity?

Folks, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I lived in China for about ten years, from 2011 until this summer. I got tired of the Chinese stealing from me, so I left. And that is the absolute truth, not a joke, it is exactly why I left. Thieving aside, the leaders of that country are as serious about controlling the world as the Democratic Party is about destroying America. The two are probably in cahoots. China isn’t, for instance, swallowing up Africa out of benevolence towards black people. They care nothing about Africans. Indeed, I had a Chinese person tell me one time, and I quote: “Chinese don’t like black people.” She was just being honest, but she could have expanded that. The Chinese don’t like ANYBODY, including each other, which is why they deliberately turned a virus loose, first in their own country, and then on the world, a virus that has killed millions of people and disrupted national economies everywhere. And, on top of that, their greatest national hero, Mao Zedong, also happens to be the greatest mass murderer in history. They have been killing each other in hordes for thousands of years, and now Xi Jinping is on the prowl for more people to massacre. Taiwanese (more Chinese) are the next group on the list. If they don’t “kowtow” (a Chinese word and concept) to the masters in Beijing…well, they will, one way or another, alive or dead, Xi doesn’t care which. And if Americans don’t kowtow, too, that will eventually just be our tough luck.  

I’m not knocking the American military, which has been a great institution for 250 years. I support it wholeheartedly and the wonderful men and women who sacrifice to protect me and America. But the current Commander-in-Chief is a complete and utter fool, an incompetent buffoon who has no clue about the world he currently inhabits and his job as leader of the United States. If Biden were to set out to deliberately destroy the critical morale of America’s armed forces (and maybe he is), what would he do differently? Can we even survive two more years of this guy and the people who “advise” him?

Oh, but we have Rachel Levine to protect us. Doesn’t that just make your spine tingle with confidence? Levine can’t even defend his masculinity against his character, how can we trust him to defend others against masses of Chinese soldiers who know exactly what gender they are? And who intends to prove it?

Strengthen the military militarily. What a novel concept in the 21st century. Are you studying Mandarin yet? Do it when you aren’t working on Spanish.


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