American Soldiers Found in Kherson – Video!

Many have been asking “What is happening in Kherson and why is Russia pulling out?”  It’s complicated.  One thing is now certain: Americans have entered Kherson.

This is no longer Ukraine versus Russia. This now appears to be Russia VS NATO…Ukraine is just the battlefield.

The video below comes from inside Kherson. Note the flag on the backpack first aid kit and note the language being spoken:


According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, they have had to bring their troops back to across the Dnieper River for several reasons:

1) Bridges are mostly out on the Kherson City side of the river which makes it logistically very hard to bring ammunition and supplies to those troops, AND;

2) American HIMARS Rockets have been so horrifically precise, the Russian Army cannot set up Ammunition Dumps because HIMARS takes them out.  

So they cannot bring large amounts of ammo (just yet) and they cannot store large amounts of ammo (for now) and that makes their forces incredibly vulnerable.

Therefore, the Russians say they took their troops out of one side of Kherson, had them cross the river to the other side, where the logistics problems will not exist and will not endanger the lives of Russian forces.

Kherson city is now Russia.   Russia will not give up that territory permanently, they say.  But a strategic fallback was necessary.

Now, as seen in the video above, we see Americans in Kherson.

If Russia can show that American soldiers have invaded Russia territory, that makes American territory subject to Russian attack.   It’s that simple.


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