UPDATE: Breakdown of the Remaining 621,856 Ballots Left to Count in Arizona Via Kari Lake’s Senior Advisor – “No Mathematical Path for Katie Hobbs” (VIDEO)

Caroline Wren, the Senior Advisor for Kari Lake, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Thursday morning.

It has been two days since the midterm election and Arizona still has not counted all of the ballots. There are currently 621,856 ballots left to count in the state. Third-world countries have more secure elections than Arizona and several Democrat states in the US.

On Thursday morning Caroline reiterated that there is “no mathematical path for Katie Hobbs to be governor.”

Caroline then broke down the votes that are left to be counted.

Caroline Wren: “If election day dropoffs (384,414 total) break just 52-48 our way we still win. My personal opinion is they’re going to break 70%. That is the level of rage we have right here that we’re working with. They have been breaking at that high level but I’m just pointing out that we could win with just 52 percent breaking. Keep in mind that that’s just breaking for Maricopa COunty. Those rural counties are going for us. Those Pima election drop-offs are also going to break for us. They are breaking 60-40 for us right now as far as people who actually voted on election day.

Via The War Room.


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