The “Q” People are made Fools of . . . Again

Oh you poor deluded souls.  The “Q” crowd.  Duped yet again. The mid-terms have come and gone, the Democrats defrauded the nation again, and the whole “Q”
 crew is still waiting for some white hates to save them.    Wake up for Christ’s sake.

Still believing Mike Lindell about Trump being restored?  Is he still saying “two weeks?”

Still believing that complete, utter, political fraud, Juan O’Savin?   

How about that Live Action Role Playing (LARP) fraud “Q-Anon?”

How many more YEARS will you keep your head up your ass even paying attention to these psycho-babble losers?

The military isn’t secretly arresting anyone because the Posse Comitatus Act forbids the military from engaging in Domestic law enforcement.

Trump never secretly invoked the Insurrection Act.

Nobody is being secretly shuttled to GITMO.

There are no secret trials, secret convictions.  There are no executions.

It is all lies.   ALL OF IT.

Now, maybe you’re just too trusting – read Gullible – or maybe the reality that the country has been stolen through rampant, brazen, election fraud, in now TWO elections,  is just too much for you to bear.   Maybe you need some fantasy to get you through because the alternative, having to fight a bloody and violent fight to restore the Republic, is just to scary for you.

Whatever it is, please just knock it off.  

Q in all its iterations, is a complete fraud.  Always has been.  You got duped.

Now shake it off and move on.


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