Don’t Feel Alone – 7 Out of 10 Americans Are the State of the Union with the State of the Union – We Are the Tide

(Above map from CNN at 9 am Wednesday morning on the day after the 2022 Election.  At this time, CNN shows House at 199 GOP and 178 Dem seats awarded.) 

As the morning sun rises across the nation, Americans are waking up to the storyline that the Democrats did much better than expected last night.   

This is shocking and disheartening to many Americans.

Don’t feel alone.  Most Americans agree that the country is going in the wrong direction. CNN reported that yesterday in the results of their exit polling.  (And this is from far-left CNN.)

Looking at the US House map this morning you can see that the country is a sea of red.  Americans won big in many races.

We also know that there were results that never could have occurred in free and fair elections.  In Michigan, the corrupt Governor, SOS, and AG all won.  They were seriously disliked for their actions in the 2020 Election and with COVID.  It’s difficult to believe they won without massive cheating going on.

There are numerous cases where this happened across the country.  The biggest shock was the report that a man in the great state of Pennsylvania who literally cannot communicate in a normal conversation with anyone won his election.  This too is very difficult to believe.  

The good news from this election is that we now have more information that election steals are not only possible but likely.

You are not one fish going against the tide.  You are not a salmon swimming upstream.  We are the tide. 


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