Dear Democrats, do not mess with this election. This time, a false victory will be much worse for you than an honest defeat.

Allow me to lay out the reasons why.

But first, I want to reinforce my conviction that the church is in a spiritual battle for the souls of men and women. Of course, I am not calling for an armed takeover of America, nor will I ever condone physical violence. I also want to make it clear that if Democrats win the midterms fair and square, I will accept it. But if you repeat the tricks you perpetrated in past elections, it will be the end of the Democrat Party.
Now here are my reasons why you should not mess with this election:

-No one will believe it.

The majority of Americans have already rejected you. Any tricks this time will only reinforce their belief that you are corrupt.
How do we know they have rejected you?
Your state-sponsored media has not been able to convince America. Almost every newspaper is on your side, and the media, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS ooze out your agenda and promote your candidates 24/7. Yet, they have not convinced Americans — rather, they have alienated them.
Everything the January 6th committee has done has flopped. Even Bill Maher admits that.
Americans rightly blame you for crime, inflation and destroying the economy. This time, if you attempt to seize power by manipulating votes in battleground states, you will be totally discredited. There will be a massive backlash and a massive investigation.

-Trump is not on the ballot.

This time the hatred has no cover. You succeeded in scaring the public about Trump, but even then, I believe he won. But there was just enough dust kicked up to get away with it. This time there are too many well-spoken Republican candidates and you can’t get away with smearing all of them.

-Too many eyes are watching. You will get caught.

Republicans in vast numbers are volunteering to work to help count votes. Your effort to keep them out has failed. People will see the thousands of mules in the middle of the night this time. Lawyers have already filed suit against polling stations that only have Democrat vote counters. Too many eyes are watching.

-No Zuck Bucks: You don’t have the money to be slick this time. It will easier to catch you.

There is a likelihood that you will be sloppy because Zuckerberg did not kick in the $400 million dollars he did last time, to fund your mules.

-Blacks and Latinos have turned against you.

This time it will be impossible for you to claim that your usual base of support voted Democrat in overwhelming numbers.

-You have fielded weak candidates.

This time, the clarity and answers are coming from Republican candidates. The Democrat candidates are their own worst enemy. They have nothing to talk about but abortion and global warming. No one will believe that they prevailed, given the current crisis America is facing.
The best thing to do is let this be a free and fair election. Don’t try anything. You will be much worse off in a false victory than in a true defeat.


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