Truckers Reporting NO DIESEL FUEL – Parts of North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee

American truck drivers are sounding the alarm that Diesel fuel is running out.  

It was on October 14 that the US Energy Infrastructure Agency (EIA) publicly stated the nation was down to 25 days of Diesel Fuel reserves.  That would put the run-out date, Tuesday, November 8.

Yet Diesel fuel continues to be refined throughout the country, so while “reserves” may have been down to 25 days, there was still ongoing production.

Yet, as shown in the video below, truckers in North Carolina are reporting large, 50 mile areas of that state, without diesel fuel!

Similar videos have come out of Oklahoma within the past three days as well.

Fuel Distributors in Tennessee announced they had begun LIMITING purchases of diesel fuel in that state, too.

Like all other nations, the United States runs on diesel fuel.  All tractor trailers, trains, and cargo ships require diesel fuel to operate.   If that fuel runs out, then there is no way to transport cargo . . . anywhere.

Supermarkets have only three (3) days supply of food on store shelves.   In large metropolitan areas, those supermarkets must get truck deliveries EVERY DAY to keep shelves stocked.  If diesel runs out, re-stocking cannot take place.

No one is saying WHERE the nation’s supply of Diesel fuel is going.

The US economy is so huge, it uses 148 MILLION gallons of diesel fuel each and every day.  Without that fuel, the economy grinds to a halt.

What that would mean for average Americans is simple: Go to your refrigerator, open it and look at what’s in there.   Then go to your pantry, open it and look what’s in there.  The food you see . . .  would be all you’ve got.  Because there won’t be any more shipments to bring anything else.

While Diesel fuel remains in production, clearly something is very wrong and large areas within the US are now openly running out of fuel.

Get food while you still can.  TODAY.


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