Fighting Over Food Rations:  Diesel Fuel Shortage Will Decimate An Already Damaged Supply Chain – Expert Warns ‘Next Lines Not At Gas Stations, Next Lines At Grocery Stores’

With politics dominating the news due to the fact that the stakes of the midterm elections on November 8th are quite high, and just three days until tens of millions of Americans head to the polls to vote, there are other stories being buried under the flurry of last minute pitches as to who should be in control of congress for the Biden regime’s next two years occupying the White House.

One of these heartbreaking stories are the amount of Americans about to become homeless, as NBC News reports that evictions are piling up all across the U.S. as government assistance has come to an end, and the eviction moratorium ended some time ago. 

The heartbreak of this is not just how massive inflation, along with millions put out of work during the lockdowns as state leaders deemed some businesses essential and others “non-essential” forcing them to close, has drained bank accounts, but also the fact that the in a recession (although the media, on behalf of the Biden regime, continues to claim it isn’t) and literally cannot afford to continue to rental assistance this long after the end of the “pandemic.”

In order to put the numbers into perspective to adequately highlight the extremely high number of American families about to be put out into the streets, we look to just one city, in one state out of 50…..or, if you are Joe Bide, 54 states.

Via NBC:

In Phoenix, for example, rent increases have slowed in recent months, but in June were up 24% year over year, with a median asking rent of $2,261. In Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, evictions are at their highest levels since at least 2016, with more than 45,000 filings this year.

45,000 people/families. In just one city.


Another major news story being buried beneath politics and the midterm elections, one that will effect every single person in America in one way or another, is America is suffering a diesel fuel shortage.

The equation is simple. Semi-Trucks keeps the supply chain moving. Semi-Trucks run off of diesel fuel. Run out of diesel fuel and your grocery stores can no longer restock, your retail stores as well. 

We have all seen the infographic showing America stops running if the trucks stop running, but as a reminder, it is shown below.

Now, about that shortage.

Mansfield Energy issued the alert Friday stating there was a developing diesel fuel shortage in the southeastern region of the United States. The company speculated that the shortage could be generated from “poor pipeline shipping economies” and a historically low supply of diesel reserves.

“Poor pipeline shipping economics and historically low diesel inventories are combining to cause shortages in various markets throughout the Southeast,” the company said. “These have been occurring sporadically, with areas like Tennessee seeing particularly acute challenges.”

The warnings claim that “reserves have been depleted and could run out in less than a month if not replenished.”

So the southeastern portion will be seeing shortages, which in turn will raise the cost for the other regions in America, until they too start seeing shortages.

When gas prices rise, prices for everything increases.

During a time of systematic, ‘big tech’ censorship and widespread institutional corruption, truth-seeking media and alternative views are crucial, and EVERY little bit helps more than you could know!)


Prices are already hurting families, with even more reports of people skipping meals, and their medications, because they cannot afford even the modest lifestyle they were living pre-Biden.

A Nationwide Retirement Institute® survey reports “To combat high inflation, Americans have made difficult tradeoffs that negatively impact their health and wellbeing.”

Over the last 12 months, nearly two in five American households (40%) received food or goods from a food bank (22% for Millennials), and the same amount (17%) stopped buying healthier foods (organic or high-priced healthy foods).

Nearly one in five Americans (18%) say they skipped meals or didn’t buy groceries due to high inflation (including 28% of Gen Z and 23% of millennials). As food insecurity deepens, Americans are also struggling to pay for critical health care expenses. Many have cancelled or postponed plans in the past 12 months to see a specialist (14%), take a prescribed medication (10%) or get an annual physical (11%) due to high inflation. Almost one-fifth of Gen Z (17%) and Millennials (19%) have cancelled or postponed plans in the past 12 months to see a mental health professional.

This is an issue ANP has been reporting on for a while now as we have been documenting the massive food price hikes, supply chain issues, and the spiking increase in Americans forced to start using food banks, or other free food giveaways in order to survive.


Market Insider via MSN News, published a piece on Nov. 5th, giving us some interesting insights as to why the diesel fuel shortage directly affects every American in one way or another.

Readers can read their full quotes at this link, as I highlight certain points from those warnings and advice below:

• Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author”  “TuckerCarlson just reported diesel supplies gone. Went to Safeway bought tuna 5 cans for $1. Stock up. Next lines not at gas stations. Next lines at grocery stores. Diesel feeds world.”

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• Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy: “Consumers won’t feel it when filling up with gasoline, but as they shop for the holidays, the cost of goods will be higher. It will contribute to some level of inflation,” he added, noting that Amazon has turned to flying more planes and has put up the price of Prime membership at the same time.”

• Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis at Opis: “”The public are apoplectic when gas rises, but diesel has incredible impacts to inflation in the form of freight costs and surcharges,” Kloza told USA Today.  “Between now and the end of November, if we don’t build inventories, the wolf will be at the door. And it will look like a big ugly wolf if it’s a cold winter,” he added.


Here in America even those that have witness the previous food shortages, much of which was documented by ANP readers with images which we published, still somehow think it won’t get worse than what it was in 2020-2021, but food supply issues have gone far beyond the damage from the initial lockdowns.

An unprecedented amount of food processing plants or manufacturing facilities, have been destroyed over the past two years. The Russia/Ukraine war has caused shortages in wheat, which is used in a significant number of consumables from breads to pastas.

Just a few basic items made from wheat, include but are not limited to; 







Cereal bars



Whole wheat wraps

Flour tortillas

Companies have also increased their prices, some more than others, such as PepsiCo, which saw a 17% surge in prices for their products.

PepsiCo has a long list of products other than soda, including Frito Lay, Cheetos, and much more, some of which is shown in the graphic below.

The point here is between the massive inflation of food prices, the destruction of food facilities, war, gas prices hikes, this diesel fuel shortage issue could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Most ANP readers are either preppers or at the very least well stock up in case of emergencies, but with the warnings we are getting from the experts, the global conditions, and the example this next story makes, we encourage further prepping for those that are preppers, and for those that are not…… start. Now. It could be the difference between going hungry and surviving.

ZeroHedge describes events in China:

To say the working conditions at Apple’s largest iPhone plant probably aren’t incredible to begin with would likely be an understatement. But then when you lock down most of your 200,000 workers because of a Covid outbreak, those conditions likely get much worse.

This is what seemed to be the case this week, with Bloomberg reporting today that Covid cases at Foxconn Technology Group’s main factory in the central city of Zhengzhou have resulted in the facility going into a “closed loop” lockdown.

The lockdown means that employees can’t leave the campus and are tested regularly for Covid, the report says. But after the lockdown, “food has become a source of unrest”, according to the report. “Scuffles” have even broke out amongst employees over food. 

Links below:

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Those with a survival instinct will do what they feel they must to feed their families, but many need an emergency, a dangerous weather event, a terror attack or any other type of catastrophe before they think “Oh, I better stock up!”

What they need to understand is their chances of survival are directly related to how prepared they are before disaster hits.


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