WaPo Trump-Hating RINO George Will: “For the Good of the Country, Biden and Harris Should Bow Out of 2024 Election”

Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

How did this get past the editors?

Trump-hating RINO George Will penned an oped that was published in the Washington Post less than a week before the 2022 midterm election.

Will wants Biden and Harris to not run in 2024.

Since they took office Joe Biden and Kamala destroyed the US economy, created the greatest inflation crisis in 40 years, obliterated our foreign policy, made America a laughing stock around the globe, opened the border to 5 million lawbreakers, flooded the country with deadly drugs and attacked our history and foundation.

Democrats are purposely working overtime to take down America. It is obvious that that is their goal. They just can’t be this stupid.

In walks George Will. George was at one time a well-respected conservative journalist. But when Donald Trump entered politics to save the nation George Will lost his mind. Will becase a favorite in the toxic mainstream media. He hated Trump and his supporters and he never hid this.

Now that the country is going to sh*t George Will is speaking out against Old Joe and Kamala.

Sit down, George.


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