European Union Gets Nasty Dose of Reality over Natural Gas

The European Union (EU) got hit with a double dose of nasty reality today.

When the European Union “Sanctioned” Russian natural gas, they stopped buying it and had to look elsewhere, which sent the price skyrocketing for everyone.  Then The EU decided it would impose a Price Cap on . . .  RUSSIAN . . .  natural gas, telling all other countries they must not pay over the price cap!  Imagine the nerve of the EU trying to tell the entire world what price they MUST pay for someone ELSE’s natural gas?!?!?! 

Today, Qatar told Europe it will stop sending natural gas to Europe of they try to impose a price cap on RUSSIAN fuels!

Europe is already in a massive mess over natural gas; it’s not only costing them triple or quadruple what it used to, there are actual shortages.  If Europe alienates Qatar by imposing a price cap on RUSSIAN gas, and thereby gets cut off from Qatar gas – people in Europe might freeze to death this winter for lack of natural gas.  Power plants in Europe would have no fuel to generate electric.   Europe would be plunged into the dark ages.

Speaking of shortages, GAZPROM announced today that, by their measurements, Ukraine has presently stored 14.6 Billion cubic meters (m3) of natural gas.  But the country needs 19 Billion m3 to get through the winter.  Ukraine doesn’t have that much . . .  and cannot get it, either.

So it seems at first glance, people in Ukraine, will actually end up freezing to death this winter.

So much for Ukraine “winning” it’s war with Russia.  

Maybe, if Ukraine surrenders now, they can settle things fast enough so that their people don’t freeze to death?   Or is noble surrender too much to ask from the Zelensky tyrants in Kiev?


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