Russia Hits Ukraine with ~50 Missiles; Kiev Takes ~10 Hits, no electric/water

Russia began this week with a large barrage of missiles against Nazi Ukraine; with upwards of ten missiles striking the Nazi Capital Kiev and many other cities.  The map above shows the missile target areas.

Russian Strategic aviation is very active this morning.   10 TU-95 planes with cruise missiles targeted the regions of Vinnytsia, Odessa, Kryvyi Rih, Poltava, Kiev, Khmelnytsia, Zaporozhye, Dnieper, Kremenchug.

The following regions and cities hit:

– Kiev
– Dnepropetrovsk
– Vinnitsa
– Zaporozhye
– Poltava
– Kharkiv
– Kirovograd

Attacks on Electrical or Water infrastructure:
– CHPP-5 (Kiev)
– CHPP-6 (Kiev)
– Lviv CHP (Lviv)
– Kremenchug HPP
– Dneproges
– Novodnestrovskaya HPP

At least 10 missile explosions were heard in Kyiv. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed power outages in parts of the capital and water supply restrictions in some areas.

Blackouts began in the Kiev-controlled city of Zaporozhye, Anatoly Kurtev, secretary of the City Council, said.

Ukraine has lost 20 percent of its landmass to Russia. 15 percent of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homeland.

Only a large supply of candles from Poland will permit Ukrainians any light for the coming winter, yet this IS the main-stream-media’s idea of “winning.”

Social media and the foreign Press are lighting-up with the story:

The president of the Kiev regional administration, urged residents to prepare for a long absence of electricity.

The Dniester hydroelectric power plant-1 in the west of Kiev-controlled territory was struck.  It is  the most powerful power plant in the Dniester Region, 702 MW.

Kiev and region reported interruptions in mobile communications.

At the moment, 36 energy facilities of Ukraine have been hit.  In Kyiv, an explosion at only one power facility led to a power outage in 350,000 apartments.

While you are reading this, it is important to point out Russia asked for peace talks with the US about 10 days ago, and the US refused.

Two “Incidents” so far today:

A missile shot down by the Ukrainian air defense landed on the territory of Moldova, according to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The same ministry urgently called Kiev for clarification.

And . . .  a much more worrisome “incident:”

In Pskov, Russia – near the border with Estonia, on a Russian Air Base, 2 attack helicopters were blown up.

Estonia is a member of NATO.   Questions now arising if Estonia bombed the Russian base ?

Additional updates coming . . .  check back  7:12 AM EDT


80% of Kiev residents without water AND part of the city without electricity – Kiev mayor Klitschko.

(Note: That’s how Donetsk lived already for almost 9 years due to Ukrainian attacks.  Strange how no one in the West complained then.)

Also: Moldova says it will treat the Russian missile debris as an accident.


DTEK the energy grid supplier in Ukraine says it’s out of equIpment for repairs.  No more transformers, no more line insulators, no more poles.


In real world: Russia takes 20% of Ukraine’s land, and millions of people, and nationalizes it for themselves.

In Clown World: Ukraine is winning.

In real world: Russia is launching missiles and attacking Ukraine’s capital and destroying majority of country’s critical infrastructure.

In Clown World: Ukraine is winning.

Your perspective on this war is all a matter of which world you live in: the real world or Clown World.


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